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NATO is looking towards a nordic expansion with Finland and Sweden. On the other side, the UK is sending over 8,000 troops to take part in NATO exercises across Eastern Europe. This is the largest deployment by the UK since cold war.

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Comment (43)

  1. Seizing someone's property because of being Russian, that is pathetic. Which law is this? Where is the United Nations Secretary General? It's now a crime to be Russian. Level headed people will not tolerate this nonsense.


  3. blablabla…NATO is doing everything possible to prolong this conflict as they created it for their own purposes. And Lokheed Martin stock is skyrocketing

  4. USA funding Taiwan and ukraine is all in selfish interest, their have more to gain than loose. No amount of funding and military aids will stop Russia from achieving it's goals. Unfortunately, you are forcing Russia to target presidential palace of ukraine.

  5. The US wants war with Russia but will use Ukraine and later expend its NATO subordinates in their quest to decapitate Russia.

    Those subordinates will disappear first when the US fires nuclear missiles against Russia.

  6. America loves Europe & Europe loves Ukraine & Ukraine loves AZOV & AZOV loves Stephan Bandera & Stephan Bandera loves BABI YAR 😞

  7. Lol,what’s the use, cause Russia will nuclear bomb all of them before they can implement “their training” cause all of these NATO countries are ganging up on him and he knows he won’t be able to fight them all off at once🤷🏽‍♂️,I wonder what would happen if Russia follows through its swift response threat to NATO countries🤔

  8. Russia you play the children you have to send somebody if you have to pay somebody I don't know where from to blast the PlayStation in in Russia we can talk get trouble you come to peace if you have to pay a million US dollars or a million euros to blast the PlayStation in Russia right in there pay somebody to deal with it and after we have to capture all the oil the hardship them when the Black Sea for Russia I will bring them to Ukraine I will bring them to you all the ship them we're flying the Black Sea we'll take all of us and use them to fight against them yet you capture them you so Ukraine pick up to all the boys hey Mickey stop that means no money not going in stop the money you'll capture the ship with the oil and bring it right to you okay yeah you are deal with him hard or off yeah Russia yeah we have to stop him we want to capture all this I have for any part we have him and he going to take with him

  9. We want to lick the PlayStation if you don't like the PlayStation where am I going to turn it with a problem now what's up you can't get no internet so I'll never have a problem and we have to I don't mess up Ukraine and the world don't hurt it I wish we children children are hurting and Putin is a wicked man he's one of the weakest president in the whole world because you have cancer are you sick and you know since you die so what happening inside abuse other people that I want to play hero before him die before he not the president no no no you have to respect every man culture I respect every man country people and Ukraine is one of the blessed full control

  10. World = USA why did you invaded Iraq ?
    USA = we thought Saddam Hussein has nuclear and chemical weapons
    World = USA why did you not invade Russia who has nuclear and chemical weapons?
    USA = because Russia has nuclear and chemical weapons we don't want to escalate the war but supply Ukraine weapons to defend themselves and sanction Russia.

  11. Yup seize all Russia Oligarch assets and sell them to give to Ukrainian to rebuild their country!! That’s how you do it!

  12. Mafia – they are the Mafia making billions off arms sales, stealing tax payers money to inflate their share prices. Interview the real leader of US – The Bunny!

  13. 33 billion…more for Ukraine and they cutting medical aid for senior Americans…wtf is goin on…Joe just doesn't want his secrets out…

  14. $33B … this is better spent in improving US’s debilitating infrastructure and its people’s livelihood. Now more deaths are going to occur in Ukraine and more and more profits for the US arms industry . If this is not abuse of human rights , I don’t know what it is !!

  15. Unfortunately for the West Russia is not the Middle east so just stop and think about the consequences 😕

  16. Joke Biden is useless how are you freezing Russian billionaire's yachts but let Europe continues buying oil and gas, over a billion dollars is given to Russia by Europe and other parts of the world for oil and gas, the bank central bank is not affected by the sanctions,it's the one processing the payments and Europe is funding the Russians special operation everyday

  17. I view a lot of different news reports from different media channels all over the world. I have to say, this channel draws the worst kind of posters in the world. Absolute scum.

  18. Just watch the funny show I live off the grid so I don't f**** support any of these bastards


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