Naturally and physically fringed, but spiritually unhinged

Ezekiel 22:1-16

Amos 5:21-27 Despise your feast days

Isaiah 1:10-15…solemn meeting

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  1. Work out your own soul salvation, I was thinking about this scripture yesterday. Thank you Sis Deborah for bringing it out.

  2. I have to say I truly admire you watchman yahu and Deborah and your videos. Every time I tune in or feel something I watch your videos and everything seems clear. Your video on who is yah opened and saved me and after coming into this truth it's been couple hiccups along the way but watching your videos it's like the ruach guides me all the time to ya. Just want to say I appreciate the time and effort ya take to make this happen to wake our people up. Thank you so much this videos was amazing. Shalom

  3. uย guys hit the nail on the head again with ย  the hammer of yah never stop the heathen on right and your left but yah is above you my brother may yah bless you and your family and keep you close under his wings of protection shabot shalom.much love.

  4. In the area of 613 laws,I think im on 54 : ) I enjoy my fringe that hangs downward from the corner of my clothes. If you don't study the laws or know laws,I don't think that fringe will help. But it looks cool ๐Ÿ™‚ Shalom.

  5. watchman, I have to ask something…. I watched this video. in they claim we came over here in slave trades in 1619, in the most high said we would in captivity for 400 years, so if you do the math it 1619+400=2019, so is it true that near 2019 something crazy might happen like our captivity beeing over, or like yahs wrath… I would like it if you tell me about this, because if it's true it ain't to long before we stop obeying the people on top in this world…

  6. Love you guys and so grateful for the work that you do!

    But respectfully… comparing stoning our children to wearing fringes is comparing apples to oranges. Biblically we can't stone our children today. When stoning was done in the bible you had to go through the elders of the land and the child had to be tried and found guilty by the elders to be stoned. We don't have a government system grounded upon Torah based principles and guidelines anymore. We don't have biblically appointed judges. So we cant biblically stone our children today. Thus anyone who would even attempt to stone their child (or anyone for that matter), would actually be breaking Yah's laws… not following them.

    We CAN however wear fringes. And since that is commanded I don't see how it is any more optional than keeping the Sabbath.

  7. I have be following your ministry forย a few monthsย now. I started out by looking at White Out PT. 1. Thank you for your bravery and love for Yah that you express deeply in every video. As a child I heard my name called by a soft voice several times and I always thought it was Yah. Please pray for me Daniel, My wife Kristen, and my two daughter Naomi and Phoebe. Much Love you guys.P.S. Sister Deborah, You look like the twin of my Mother in- Law. I mean it is unreal

  8. hello my brother and sisters in yah I am writing to you to let you know what wonderful work that you are doing and that you were truly being used buy yah and so I think you very much for your information but I must call to your attention that you are in error and I love you and this is the reason why I'm writing to you when you are directing people not to keep the appointed times and Feasts because we are not in the land of Israel and that we cannot do the sacrifice correctly my brother and sister you are in error for our Master says the most high Sears in Deuteronomy chapter 16 verse 2 + 6 + 11 you are the name yah around your neck and it states in Deuteronomy where are the nine yards there he will be with us at the appointed time no matter the geographical location the Almighty knew that we were going to be dispersed he knew that we will be in four corners of the Earth so the true remnant of Israel is ordained to keep the feast and the appointed times when you hear the most high talking in Isaiah he is talking about the Lost and not the remnant you must be careful and not take away the praise and worship but the most high Luke 22 + 19 the Heavenly son is a witness to his father and he tells us to do this in remembrance of him now he's omniscient the Heavenly son do that that would be a diaspora which is the scattering love is people that's why he gave the instructions no matter where we are we are supposed to symbolically keep his feast Exodus 12 verse 14 there is nowhere in our scriptures Betsy we must be in Israel in order to observe the appointed times we do this symbolically to show I love and Remembrance and be obedient to the ordinance and instructions of yah I love you all peace be unto you my email address is Woolen Gary @gmail dot-com and one more thing my sisters and brother the tribe of Judah is made up of Judah Benjamin and a part of Levi's because Levi parsley went astray like the tribe of Dan I hope that we may be able to converse and reason together and give all praises to the most high yah peace be unto you with much love Allelujah

  9. is there a bible with all the missing books im trying to find them for i felt complete after i learnt about king James and he form the bible for his doing and another question i love your videos you open my mind even further and as much as it makes me happy to know my brothers and sisters are not cuffing in vain but at the same time I'm mixed my mom is Latina for i am half blood so my question is if my great children would be pure blood and be once again be apart of the tribe of juda am i still apart of the tribe or am i an outcast cause i don't think it right if I'm cast out for we where force as a people to forget I'm sure yah understands that right?

  10. Shalom family, just a quick question and comment about the fringes opinion; I understand your comment on wearing fringes, but didn't Our Holy Messiah wear fringes? and wouldn't He give the best reason for not to wear them, as you say , because we didn't make proper use of them? His death and resurrection removed the "traditional way" of doing things, but He also stated that we MUST keep the law, and wearing fringes is one of them. I can just picture Him saying to the disciples the same things you, brother Watchman, said in the video "how are they (fringes) working for you, or sarcastically "any luck ? " Shalom

    P.S. it was also repeated in deut: 22:12

  11. hello my sister wonderful video I will love to know how to fast for the Sabbath please thank you love you all

  12. Thanks watchman I truly learned a lot in this message I appreciate your sincerity and effort to teach truth.

  13. Thank you for the video. Yes, wearing the fringes is something the Most High wants us to do as a reminder of all the commandments as stated: "Throughout the generations." It is challenging and initially I thought they were supposed to be worn as the Ashkenazi jews wore theirs. So, I researched about them to understand their purpose. But it's been a few years and my family after much prayer and research, and being convicted, we are working it out and want to be in obedience to the word. That's simply it. No show off thing here, because believe me, at first, my thoughts were: Oh now, something else to add…(sigh). My husband has been able to sew some of them on our garments. We just plan what we will wear in advance for Sabbath, and he will sew them on, one day in the week. Or we'll just keep wearing the same garments. It's definitely not a vanity thing for us either. I can speak for my family that the fringes are working for us, and it is definitely a gradual process, especially for our children, as we teach them about how they are to function in the world. The fringes serve as reminders for us. We and our children wear them on Sabbath. We are still working on getting them on their school clothes, as I am not homeschooling yet. That will also come in due season. I purchased the: "My own fringemaker" to help me make them because they are expensive. We know this will be a life long process and we have along way to go, and are learning something every time we open our scriptures and study. So to end this long text: The more important matters of the law are: Justice, Mercy, and Faithfulness. We are to practice the latter, without neglecting the former: Matthew 23: 23. Please also look at youtube videos about making fringes because there are easier ways to do this. Shabbat Shalom Family!

  14. The fringes are just a small part of the bigger responsibilities we are gifted. Being obedient to small matters, such as fringe wearing is not something we should make light of, as this command came from Yah, not man. He gave this to Moses to speak to the children of Israel. So, they practiced this years ago. Now fast forward to the 21st century, it may seem burdensome or vain, but it is not. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Yes, we agree that praise and worship is very important as well and should always be a part of the service. The reason alot of Hebrew camps are not doing praising and worship is because the commandments are foreign to many people coming out of christian churches, therefore the foundation is being taught to members first. This helps the people to understand biblical history, context, and how to learn to study the word from the beginnings, not just the new testament. Also, the praise and worship that is being practiced in churches seem to override the word. This has become a huge distraction for many, who want the entertainment piece not the Word itself.

  15. You are right, the fringes were given to them before captivity. That is true, but so were the Sabbaths, the feast days, these were not as the christians would say: "nailed to the cross." In that case we would observe nothing. Does anyone have a rebuttal?

  16. the gentiles can be grafted in BUT they will NOT be equal to Israel and there will be a hierarchy

  17. I understand that I am late responding, but I wanted to add some input. Wearing fringes is a commandment; Yah commanded for us to do it throughout our generations. You're right about the passover, Yahusha is our lamb. Shalom

  18. Shalom! It's 3 years since this recording, but it's on time for me. I'm really praying on how to observe the feast and to serve Yah spiritually not just according to the natural. This video has help to give me a great understanding. That's why your teaching, they teach natural and spiritual living, a balance. Thank you! HalleluYAH


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