Nature Writing with Robert Macfarlane | A Drink with the Idler

Idler editor Tom Hodgkinson chats to nature writer Robert Macfarlane about going underground, lost words and more.

Robert Macfarlane is the author of ‘Mountains of the Mind’, ‘The Wild Places’, ‘The Old Ways’, ‘Landmarks’, and ‘The Lost Words’, co-created with Jackie Morris. ‘Mountains of the Mind’ won the Guardian First Book Award and the Somerset Maugham Award and ‘The Wild Places’ won the Boardman-Tasker Award. Both books have been adapted for television by the BBC. ‘The Lost Words’ won the Books Are My Bag Beautiful Book Award and the Hay Festival Book of the Year. He is a Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and writes on environmentalism, literature and travel for publications including the Guardian, the Sunday Times and The New York Times. Robert’s latest book is ‘Underland: A Deep Time Journey’.

This conversation was recorded as part of the Idler’s series of weekly Zoom events, A Drink with the Idler. For more info and to watch the full recording, visit

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  1. how come mark is chopped out and chat so short ? we the people love long form chats especially with such interesting people as robert and most of the guests you have had at the idler thanks but longer chats please :-]


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