I do not agree with Evolution theory and the exaggerated timeline and time frames.

However, according to mainstream science Neanderthals interbred with both the ancestors of modern Europeans and Asians (Japheth). We see the overlap with these nations linguistically aka cauc-asians a combination of two regions and manner of people with common ancestor Japheth,

Scripturally, SOME mountainous regions and SOME caves were inhabited by fallen offspring who begat children with indigenous abba original women and even genetically modified man and beast.

Which could explain the neanderthal theory EXPOSING the popular jesuit teaching of evolution i.e the cosmic egg aka “The Big Bang Theory” and Darwinism which is taught as supreme.

Furthermore, the sons of Edom (Admixture of Ishmaelites, Canaanites, Cypriots and Romans) also began to intermix with these entities and may explain the obsession and distaste SOME have towards aboriginals today.

Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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    Everyone thinks it's pronounced as "ABBA", and so did I. But when I searched it for myself, I found it's only "AB". When you pronounce the "B" sound, it sounds like you're saying "Abba". (Strong's Hebrew #1)

  2. Dr. Edward Robinson had the map talking about the DNA series was from my hometown. He was a great researcher & champion of our people at home & abroad. Check out his books. I worked with him on various projects; sat under his teaching in various class situations, & in-gatherings before he passed over to become an ancestor. He was a brilliant man. So glad to see that his efforts are still going on reaching folk & helping to enlighten his people & the world! Thanks Brotha TCA for sharing this info that I aquired from Dr. Ed & his contemporaries so long ago with a new generation. Shalom

  3. The number of the Neanderthal, 6, as in the number of the beast, 3 times being extremely so. Neanderthals are not real people, but a hybrid race. APTTMHYAH!

  4. Just was telling my bro about this yesterday then today you do a video. My wife is not understanding how this always happens and you do a video the very next day. All praises to the most HIGH.

  5. Wow I didn't know about the genetic thing but I knew we are naturally smarter than they are. Can you tell me where you found that part of the video so I can see the original? I was really interested in hearing what else he had to say 😄

  6. Muhammad Ali changed his name when he became Muslim from a white mans name that freed slaves to Muhammad(who was a white guy having many black slaves etc) He thaught he was changing his name to someone's name that has the same colour as him. Go watch the video of David Wood explaining this. I don't mind facts but some people have been deceived and led into darkness.


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