“Tunisia airline has few operable aircrafts but overbooked passengers who waited at the airport for 2 days, then it let only non-black African to board. when black africans protested they were beaten and charged with threatening Tunisian police.” -YUSSUF MWINIYI

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  1. This is disgusting. Oh Heavenly Father protect us from this madness, from these horrible demons for we are not even protected nor safe on our own soil. We ask that you turn the tides on them as you said what you have done to my people will be done unto you double well Father we are ready. Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah so be it..

  2. The racism doesn't stop there and all those people who beat the Africans, only black people are real Africans, will say they believe in God and are righteous people no they are not. They are the children of Satan.
    Look what happened to Africans refuges going to Spain and see.what they did to them, they beat them.and them arrested them. Meanwhile Ukraine refuges were treated like they were a prize or something. But Ukraine have a lot of Racist people in their mist. Africa and Africans don't come to these European countries like that that haye you they can't stand your color because it reminds them of who Christ is because he is from you.

  3. Fukkk these hybrid neanderthals 🦧 just because they got on uniforms don't mean nothing but GANG ATTIRE #period We must respond appropriately with STREET KNOWLEDGE!! it's 1:1 or if someone else jump in the fight WE ALL GONNA JUMP IN THE FIGHT momma said that okkk 👑 Stop acting like They Right when WE ALL KNOW THEY WRONG and have been for Tooooo LONG! YAH Helps us Win FIGHTS for what's Right 👑❤️

  4. The judgements for these people are at hand,it will be from the Most High and man. You see it happening all over the world because as psalms 83 stated,they are a confederation. All that they are doing will be returned upon their own heads VERY SOON!

  5. We need to stop going places we are not wanted and build up ourselves to not need to be around people who don't like or respect us. Why do we think you have an equal voice in their territory……BLM?

  6. Looks like they was enough brothers they had their come together could have kicked the shaving cream out of those sticks!! But then again they would have bring out the guns, you can't win

  7. Racism is real, we have people like candice owens🤥 trying to tell us racism is in our heads😏then lately it went to congress talking about racism as I pointed it out on Twitter and other social network how real racism still is today and it is NOT GETTTING ANY BETTER.

  8. The only thing that gives me joy is the knowledge that Samson was a black man. THE LORD favoured him and gave him might.. these clowns should count themselves lucky that they're not leaving in that age, there's nothing new under the sun right? If it happended then, it can happen now ''How can you do that to my brother?!' 10 vs 1? What is this? Royal rumble?

  9. Damn they were like a pack of wolves 🐺 upon this brother how can these people treat airline customers like that unbelievable. That's why you will never see me in dem countries at all….KMDRT!

  10. I'm sorry. But if I were there, I would've had to help that brother. Then guys didn't have nothing but sticks/clubs. I'm not scared of no clubs. If they had guns I'd probably be doing like everyone one else. But sticks ! Mann you're crazy. One thing about me, if you're of a different race/nationality than, YOU CAN NOT touch my brother/sister in a demeaning way. Never gone happen. Unless you got a gun. Then probably.

  11. Well…it's time for sub-sahara Africa to stay in Sahara nd Northern to stay in the North…I still wonder why our people don't get it….more need to be done…Thank you TCA for another provoking thought…


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