Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8
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  1. Cherokee hahahaha are Africans (moors) Born in America which would make the Native African Americans ….So in Reality the Cherokee Do not Have Amaru in their Blood they are children of Immigrants…… point blank period and that goes for the rest imposters of the original Carib Stock……. The Seminole are Caribs By Blood…….

  2. So So thorough and informative may Elohim continue to be with you in your research and keep revealing hidden and concealed things. Blessings to you and your family, I know it's hard work and long hours to read, research, and watch media clips to put all of this information together. Thank you Shalom and Blessings. 🙏🏾📚

  3. That chief Haney full of mess, blacks don't want money they deserve it ,they help build America too. 5.00 dollar so called Indian you just being racist you hatred man you need to be a shame of yourself, therefore chief so called hate Haney give it up ,ok they are entitled you hateful 5.00 so called native you trying to forced them out ,are you a real native chief DNA TEST will let you know?

  4. Wow very heartbreaking. No one wants to claim us nor stand by us, they use us until it no longer benefits them then we are discarded but we as a people want to include them in all of endeavors. What happens once we welcome them in?? They steal everything from us and kick us out. Israelites still calling them our people!!!!!!????? Why?????

  5. The Caribs ,Arawak ,and lukayans ,(Taino )Guanahatabey are the rightful Holders to the title of the lands of all Amaruland/Turtle island …. This is The true original 5 Nations comprising The title of Irequo Ire-Quo ….which comprised of Many Families amongst Each other……Boriquen was perverted by the moors say PuertoRican these five nations Of Atlabey were tain which means Cousins….. Puerto Ricans claiming to be TIANO are imposters….for there ancestry lays in Spain and North Africa…, the light skinned people are Africans….. they all are foreigners………. Carib Empire Wake up…….

  6. When I saw that video linking dude to The Cherokee people, and the info of how they used to own slaves, I knew you would put it together. I'm bout to watch this video but I wish you brothers would not be fighting. The truth must be revealed tho.

  7. The so called civilized Indians were the people that were light due to the indigenous people mixing with the European. The the so called civilized Indians are from their fathers the European/Spaniards. Both groups of men who arrived on this land before the 18th and 19th century raped the indigenous copper colored women hundreds of years back in the 15th century. Christopher Columbus thought he was in India when he arrived in Espanola because the people he saw were the same color as the original people in India, who were very dark in complexion at the time. The Original Indians from India migrated from Ethiopia and the original Ethiopian is a very dark complexion, and if the look up the etymology of Ethiopian you will see that definition means burnt face.

  8. Big lies, the freedman are the original indiginous who were reclassified and had everything stolen. There is still so much false information being held on this matter but the truth is being set free. African american is a misnomer. We have no ties to africa, this was our land. The 5 civilized tribes are the only ones the government agreed to treaty with because they had already become mostly colonized into their lighter skin. The dark skinned tribes were all denied aknowledgment. Its all paper tricks and the world has been duped. Freedman does not mean freed slaves it was the name of those indians who allowed themselves to be Christianized and learned the ways of the colonizers. Again you have been lied to about everything.

  9. I sometimes, have felt like it was hush hush money. Since truth is coming to the light. That there was more to the Indians receiving money, free education and free medication and whatever else all these years later. Treaties and other laws broken and rewritten. That there’s more to the story about the Indians and the government.

  10. Think about this beloved brothers and sisters, what would be the motivation of a dane callaway, to be so deceptive to the point where his “ narratives ” are in and of themselves divisive to the very truth we are waking up to? Shalom, barak,and protection to you and yours T.C.A.

  11. Calloway is going to be out of business fooling our people into a Canaanite people instead of the royal bloodline they belong just to make money. Listen to him bragging about him having YouTube on speed dial. That is all you need to know that he is in it to make money he can have YT and who ever else but we all knows that TCA got the most YAH direct line lol TCA thank you my brother for such wonderful work


  13. Thank you so much for this presentation. Very informative. Every black person needs to hear this, especially the camps and those that believe they are not African. Peace and blessings!

  14. 💕🙆🏾‍♀️💕 Shalom! So called 'Indigenous People' only got lighter skinned, through add-mixing with Caucasians! This whole matter is SO SAD and confusing, but nothing dna testing can't sort out! I cannot get-my-head-around how anyone can take that 'one-drop-rule' seriously!! If, it were true, then all of us should probably call ourselves white and most so called white people, would need to call themselves black! In short, what this highlights to me is a seriously lost and auguished Negroid people, desperatly searching and needing to belong to something, somewhere – finding solace in a nation that once enslaved them, claiming an identity that is not fully theirs, with a people who are themselves now evidently more European than Native, and so do NOT want to accept Negros! SMH This could only have come from 'The Most High' to force them to open their eyes and MAKE A CHOICE!! 🤷🏾‍♀️ They best choose wisely, or they're gonna be left behind when the 'Second Exodus' happens – to face the JUDGEMENT of ALL the NATIONS who enslaved AhaYah's people! 🙅🏾‍♀️


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