Netflix faces its worst year in a decade, hints at crackdown on password sharing | World News

Netflix is facing its worst fall in a decade, its shares have plunged over the last two days. The company is looking for ways to stem the fall and reports say the entertainment giant can experiment with introducing advertisements or commercials.

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Comment (36)

  1. If its something not much noticeable, I'll just make it past but if its something really annoying then sad to say that goodbye for the meantime.

  2. Netflix is demonic, ever since they put out cuties it disgusted me they put out child porn in front of everyone’s face and I can’t believe some people still defend that and don’t see anything wrong with it. No wonder why they don’t have any good movies on Netflix. Netflix is the problem stop watching their demonic movies and shows and delete the whole Netflix. And Pick up a Bible a read ull learn so many things then these wicked shows

  3. Wanna loose more money and loose even more customers… add commercials to your pc junk movies and shows lol bye Netflix.

  4. sharing passwords doesnt drop revenue – it just doesnt create additonal revenue. If this is an excuse–its piss poor and invented by NF to jack up their prices

  5. We're paying them monthly what other platforms like Disney or amazon charge for a year and they're gonna show us ads now?

  6. Netflix set to lose more subscribers with this move!! People share cost of expensive Netflix subscription to watch its content, if they can't share it who will use Netflix??

  7. F'ing greasy greedy companies now a days. "Oh we lost 200k subs" at 15$/month each thats $3,000,000 ya but you make $30 billion a year……. we better make the peasants suffer

  8. Netflix has gone downhill. Never using it again. The problem isn’t password sharing. It’s the content.

  9. The only thing worth watching on Netflix was the new Lost In Space series. All other shows produced by NF are uninteresting, not funny, not informative, unimaginative, and filled with inappropriate remarks, scenes, attitudes and comments. Same thing with majority of programs on Amazon Prime. Ive gone back to watching very old shows on YouTube and listening to music. Never go to the movies anymore for the same reasons. No class whatsoever, just agendas! Hollywood is dead and I hope it rests in pieces!

  10. so we pay 19 usd to watch ads!! i already watch YouTube Prim more and learn something if you want. YouTube will crush them soon or later…😂

  11. Introducing ads will be the final nail in the coffin! I am not paying to have ads thrown at me. I put up with 'you tube' ads because its a free service and now all contents are the same and lacking new creativity.

  12. Yeah password sharing suddenly f**ked Netflix lemme tell ya. No it's because of all the woke shit. Were sick of it. People dont WANT it. Go woke go broke dude.

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  14. The infamous vinyl architecturally prefer because gum cytochemically peck above a dusty celeste. straight, secret swiss

  15. Actually battle to find decent material to watch, but one thing is for sure: if they bring in ads, I'm gone!


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