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  1. Another option would be to NATURALLY develop our brain's inherent abilities, the breadth of which is still largely unchartered. We can just NOT DEVELOP AI as a technological crutch to aid in our development as though we are at it's behest. WE ARE NOT!

  2. The Mark of the Beast.People must not take this chip.
    Magic and occultism has been wrapped under the guise of science.They got us addicted to technology.Now mankind will be deceived into taking the Mark of the beast.
    Do not lose your soul,to gain the world.

  3. I think people in the future would abandon flesh bodies for Cyborg ones. And even if they want flesh bodies, with nano-machines, we can just form our body however we want to (I always wanted to know what it's like to be a mermaid or fairy) or make other flesh bodies which are edited to our desires and people can just switch whenever we want or just control multiple bodies with Neuralink; forming your own hive mind with flesh or cyborg bodies designed to your desires (There's virtually no limit to computer bandwidth after all).

  4. An Extraordinarily Advanced Technology that non-invasively accomplishes Elon Musk's Neuralink Objectives, already EXISTS and is SECRETLY being used on ALL OF US–believe it or not. Most of Elon Musk's objectives are being accomplished by a Special Artificially-Intelligent Supercomputer and Satellites. This Supercomputer via Satellites, Reads People's Minds and Controls People's Brains, and when you can Control the Brain you can Control almost everything regarding that Person excluding external factors. It's MIND-CONTROL. This Supercomputer and Satellites can do alot more than Mind-Control, etc. You WON'T believe any of this, but now you can't say you weren't told. Good Luck Everyone.

  5. Your cover photo looks like the scientist device on Warrior Nun movie. The back attachment the scientist uses for testing the nun…where the halo is in her back. Just like it! Wild

  6. From this, it seems that It is getting increasingly clear that our primitive economic system is not only starting to get int he way of progress but it's at the cusp of turning taking greatest breakthrough our species is about to go through and turning it into a means of economic and social domination.

    I think it's more than high time we start discussing about replacements for our steam age economic system, all technologies eventually become outdated, capitalism is no different.

  7. Eventually it will be a two-way program that will upload programs into your brain that will make you think certain ideas.Mind uploads!DARPA loves us, it will be fine.

  8. Interessting fact that a Halifax N.S. GRADE SCHOOL actually messed witth the Students in this Area of 'Telekinesis' –"TESTING THEM FOR "ABILITY LEVELS' TO MOVE OBJECTS & MORE😳SHOCKING!–And,certainly does explain a lot! And this is inter-connected with a few City 'ORGANIZATIONS"–🤔Imagine how cretans can 'use' the people with this skill….and, some are employing Satanic 'Powers' from Dark Side and through Black Magi Voo-Doo and Satanic Cult Controls Large Size Hard-Cover Books……Crazy World😂✌

  9. Hey man. Thank you for great presentation. I am working on to build video for medical device and diagnostic in uni. Is it okay I borrow some of your thoughts into the technology. Such an insightf !

  10. i think it will be partial access to brain for healthy individuals and only limited to motor cortex , sense cortex and visual cortex.
    i don't think FDA will approved access to memory for healthy individuals in near future


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