Neuralink Brain Machine Interface – Special Guest David Hewlett – Transhumanism Coming Soon

Welcome to TechTalk v 2.0 episode 28 with Barnacules (aka. Jerry), AuxxZillary (aka. Houston) and Special Guest David Hewlett (Dr. Rodney McKay from Stargate Atlantis & Host of Tech Bandits) What is Neuralink Brain Machine Interface and how is it going to change our lives or destroy the world. But, let’s talk about it and drink some coffee. All SUPERCHATS are read aloud on stream and answered and we split the proceeds between us so we can afford coffee, clothing, food and drugs (prescription mostly) so thank you for the support.

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1.20:00 – Starting talking about Elon Musk achievements and Neuralink

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  1. Soooooo. I just found out this channel/video. It kinda reminds me of "Our Ludicrous Future" channel(3 guys as well) but older folks and it's amazing!

  2. 1:46:30 During the presentation they said the threads are around 43 mm but the threads only get inserted 3 or 4 mm into your brain, not a full inch : p
    They've got some extra lenghth because your brain moves around tiny bit in your skull so they give the threads some extra length so they don't pull on your brain.

    PS completely unrelated but I've heard that tesla is gonna build a exaflop supercomputer for self driving ai next year. (dojo?)

  3. Yeah I'm good with all this remember there's no freedom of thought in the constitution so they'll push to get these in your head and control your thoughts idk about anyone else but that shit is nightmare fuel.i can't recall exactly what video I saw but was a conference where they were discussing that exact thing being no freedom of thought and brain chips and all that.

  4. I totally want to go tiny/mini form factor with my next build(2:38:00). What am I getting from a mid/full tower build when nobody sees it? Nothing. All it does is take up my desk space. My last gen AMD build (FX8350) can handle what I do, but it will be nice to upgrade/downsize to something that I can wedge behind my displays and give me back the 2'FT desk space and clean-up cables.

  5. I get adding new content, but is there a reason why this channel is NOTHING like it used to be?

    I've been subscribed for six years, used to watch every video. Now it's nothing but 3 hour long podcasts basically. There's clearly an audience for these, and I got why they are being made, but why was the old fanbase just left in the dust?

  6. Living in Rural America only ISP isn't even an ISP;
    I've got a Mobile Broadband Connection from T-Mobile getting about 50-500KBs Upload/Download and 150ms + Ping and it kinda Sucks, it's 4g LTE and I've thought about getting a 5g Phone, but what's the point my speeds are THROTTLED?

  7. 1:27:30 Can't believe you guys missed a chance to talk about Douglas Adams' Arks in this context – where you send off your first colonising spacecraft filled with hair 'stylists', shoe sales people, soft furnishing consultants and interior decor designers etc., so they can get the place comfie for all the people who actually do stuff, make things etc. . . . . who will definitely, absolutely, no question whatsoever, be coming along right after them in the next ark . . . . . . πŸ™‚


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