Never EVER Drink Hennessy

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Comment (41)

  1. Being addicted to something that is not helping your health video needed indeed! Praise the Most High for you my wonderful husband told me about your videos and I’ve lost and kept off 40+ pounds abiding by the information you’ve provided. Thank you and God bless Minister of Wellness!

  2. Legitimate question. Car accidents and a hard industrial life resulting in a few permanent injuries. Alcohol vs. Opioids on days that I need to take the edge off the pain level. I prefer the alcohol over opiates. Nsaids are just as toxic and faster at destroying organs in daily use. Your opinion.

  3. I am so glad I got a negative impression of alcohol when I was 5. I made a covenant with myself this will never be what you do; I am thankful with the exception of an special occasion it has never been at part of my life. All praises to the Most High.

  4. There is nothing wrong with having a drink every now and then. They drank in the Bible. You can do anything in moderation just like food or anything else, if you abuse it you will pay for it eventually.

  5. Things he is saying is based on if you are abusing acholic beverages. It's been people in there 80's & 90's that say the drink a little glass of brandy or drink beer and they are just fine.

  6. please watch " the most high is never a woman " thats the real messiah , please watch , also read proverbs 8 , she is called wisdom, the word or the mother. fys.

  7. So, even though weed is good for you, and has many health benefits, you make a video telling and discouraging use. Live your life, and everyone needs to live for themselves, and not for others.

  8. what about different strains of weed.. i know i felt YAH on that platium kush… it is the spirit you in before you do it … and strong drink hurts your insides and its poison but cannabis is not plus the benefits…so YAH must wanted this in us

  9. Sir with all due respect I have a little wine for passover Also during the feasts I do get that just eating the fruit is best But it's very little only a few times a year or less Shalom

  10. Thank Goodness for Deuteronomy 14: 26 I enjoy a nice shot of Glenlivet Scotch, an adult beverage every once in a while. Wisdom calls for moderation, as an adult I honor that, so did YAHSHUA another adult, I believe He enjoyed wine 🍷, the blessings of the grape 🍇. This is why so many people think following the path that leads to everlasting life is so boring and filled with too many restrictions. There are restrictions giving to us for our own good and those laws are good, very good, drinking in moderation is not one of those restrictions, and I’m so glad. After all I’m an adult with adult taste.

  11. At the present time. I don't drink ANYTHING AT ALL. But! I am a grown ass man, and if I decide that I want to take a drink, I don't need some goodie-two-shoe sugar addict, sex addict, coffee addict, or GMO- eating hypocrite to tell me about how I need to be sober! Humans are creatures of habit! EVERYBODY is dealing with something, and I'm not the one to criticise ANYONE for what they choose to do.

  12. A lot of these comments really don't surprise me. You guys are saying "the Bible says don't get drunk". Ok? So do you know what God considers drunk? Are you assuming what we consider drunk he also considers drunk? How do you know that being a little tipsy isn't seen as drunk in his eyes? Why chance it? You don't need liquor right? So why not just work on completely giving it up? This is why the Bible says "only few will inherit the kingdom". So weak minded…..

  13. We are our god. Serving a god that’s supposed to be in the sky hinders us from growing. There is no proof of a god or a Jesus. All made up to control us


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