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  1. He is correct, however, with so many not working and the cost of food sky rocketing and food shortages this may be an only option for many. If it comes to my child being hungry and the ramen noodles, ramen noodles it is. There are things we can do to make them a little better by adding vegetables and not using the seasoning packet and adding our own seasoning. Most people who are storing food, this is an inexpensive main staple in the store room. Bottom line, the way things are going spam, vienna sausage and other not so good stuff we wouldn't normally eat will be for many what's for supper. With the weather becoming cooler please, grow some greens but most of all pray and trust the Most High!

  2. Yall need to stop with all this. You look unhealthy yourself. Stop trying to control people to get views. Who cares ABBA Yah is coming. Prepare and focus on that most of all.

  3. This may be true but please people understand that he is a buisness who is privileged enough to purchase organic and grow his own food. He doesnt understand that many people cant do this. People are struggling sir and do not need the guilt of not being able to provide food for their families. What do you do when you have £30 a week to feed a family of five? I appreciate your videos on educating us about what is in our food but i think you are slightly ignorant when it comes to the rea world, my point is some people cannot afford food. Please sir have some compassion.

  4. Common man.. Some people are broke that's all they can afford. This man must have been born with a silver spoon. Sure ya… We all would love to shop at Whole Foods. I grew up in poverty.. Bologna bread mustard sandwiches, hotdogs and top roman with a side of off brand soda pop. 🤷 who cares about healthy food? Wanna make a change in the name of the lord? How about helping stop sex trafficking and pedophilia.. Children are dying everyday.

  5. I haven’t eaten those or fed them to my family in over 15 years!!!! It’s garbage chemicals!!! All processed foods are poison!! If it comes in a bag or box, if u can’t pronounce the ingredients if it is manufactured in a factory…..DONT EAT IT!!!

  6. Asian people eat instant noodles DAILY! Go watch their mukbangs, they eat large quantities of ramen noodles and don't let me talk about the amount of pork and live seafood they eat. Good info Minister.

  7. It was a popular food in the Crack Area ,probably because the parent was being destroyed by the drugs and that was the cheap food to feed the little one to destroy them. So they did this by design, knowing who would be victim of it.
    The Crack Area
    food substance
    of destruction created by
    Big Brother and Them.

  8. I didn't know this and I'm a nutritionist. To be honest all foods they make these days and even the meats that we eat are all chemical base ingredients for cancer and for other chronic diseases it's a lose-lose situation. Basically you have to pick the best out of the bad.

  9. There are better brands of ramen you can buy that's made with brown rice or millet. I use those and the ones he is talking about to but just never use the seasoning pack. I put my own seasoning, veggies, mushrooms and beans. Sometimes tofu. So good 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿!

  10. Now I understand when God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, but…. This man gives some great healthy tips, but people are not ready to hear truth and change.

  11. The Most High God can protect and reverse the damage done. Through Christ- by HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED! All those who are low on money, trust Our God to provide. If he feed Elijah via a raven and gave manna to the Israelites then he can definitely supply food for you.


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