New addition to Russia's Nuclear arsenal as Russia tests new Ballistic missile | English News

Amid the ongoing war with Ukraine, Russia has a new addition to its Nuclear arsenal as it tests new Nuclear-capable Ballistic missile.

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Comment (28)

  1. I’m assuming this is in response to the US testing of its new Minuteman icbm (currently the fastest icbm) and US testing of its new scramjet hypersonic missile.

  2. sick man. scizophrenic slaughterer. stop putins desasters someone. or is someone hiding that aliens will attack us all… this man is crazy

  3. Only if it were just the explosions , you also get birth defects for generations, these weapons should be banned for the sake of all of us.

  4. Africa needs to start working on something like this. South America also. Then maybe they can get the U.S. and NATO'S foot off their necks.

  5. USA citizens would better go to streets before it is too late to protest USA´s policy hostile to Russia!!!!!
    If Russia would hit an eastern NATO state with nuke…., USA COULD
    PROBABLY ONLY BACK OFF…, BECAUSE- ,any NATO attack and Russia would
    choose to begin with a tactical nuclear strikes against NATO bases near
    to Ukraine. If that would happen, I personaly believe , that USA would
    back off and choose to never attack Russia or Russia´s troops in
    Ukraine, because USA would prefer to safe hundreds of USA´s cities from a
    devastating Russia´s strategic nuclear attack!!! That would be a
    Very,Very Wise decision and the end of NATO at the same time! I do not
    support Putin at all. At the same time , USA´s expansionism which is
    pulling Europe into a nuclear war with Russia is a tragedy for Europe
    !!!!!!!!!! NATO retaliation could lead to the complete destruction of
    Europe (If USA back off) or it could end up by incenerating hundreds of
    USA´cities as well… If Pentagon wants Ukraine really too much , than
    Americans could loose USA, since it would be deleted and completely
    radiactive during the very first day when NATO would attack Russians in
    Ukraine.. As simple as that. USA citizens would better go to streets
    before it is too late!!!!!

  6. I think Putin will drop a tactical nuke on finland or Ukraine soon to send a message that he is mad enough

  7. USA spend $750 billion but can't make hypersonic missile on the other hand Russia spend $70 billion and they did it.

    In my point of view it's really courageous.

    Someone born from zero to get hero title and someone born with hero title but can't possess that title for long time.

    This is whole story of history

  8. Unfortunately folks Putin is saving everything including his Earth's largest stockpile of nukes for what's coming for what he's been planning for years since the Soviet Union collapsed and will bank it all on this this massive national survival one last standing war with NATO all knowing once this happens there is no point of return once started and knows he can't lose those or it's game over for Russia forever but even if he has a chance to knock us off the European continent for good he will sacrifice everything in one big final moment to be more famous than Hitler on being the one that destroyed the nato military power that's controlled Europe for 75 years and was responsible for his Soviet union humiliation moment in time and being allies with China once NATO removed from the continent they will both focus on making it impossible for the USA to get that type of stronghold again on that capacity and finally form that powerful belt around the entire continent once and for all.

    Yes it could let's never forget what happened to Hitler and Napoleon mighty armies don't think that can't happen in the Vast Russian landscape is and all his powerful S4 Defense Systems setup along it to destroy any threat wether ground or air like the chief of NATO said I'm interview it will be very hard to destroy there defense systems they have everywhere and there tactical nuclear advantage to they have to worry about because they could be launched from anywhere out of any launcher unlike the strategic ones that come out of silos and have to go through a procedure like the Putin's new hypersonic technology that will be almost impossible to stop once launched

    Even another former NATO officer said in 2 nterviews already we have the ability to take on Russia in a national survival style war but we have to put them in place to do it and ramp up everything at a all out national survival military that can withstand heavy losses and refill with experienced elite fighting ground forces to take out russias powerful defense systems and able to take on very battle hardened soldiers to while also working about his air defense system which is the most advanced in the world and very hard to destroy by even the USA's Air force he said it will take slot of money and political action now to really get ready for a national survival one left standing war to the end .

    Now especially with Putin being prepared for it for 22 years now and all the nuclear weapons in the world at his disposal if crap starts to hit the fan after sacrificing another 27 million men again before it ends in his bunker miles down in the mountains Urals just like Hitler sacrificed it all in the end and believe me if he had the stockpile of the most nukes in the world he would have loved to go out with that bang instead of the other one 🔫.

  9. Oh nice Russia good Allah allhamdulila Allah hoakbar ..i miss you poten good luck …..Allah allhamdulila Allah hoakbar…

  10. The west has gotten far too used to attacking countries with the expensive weapons they have against countries that can't defend themselves and have fallen into the trap that they can just bully and do as they please to any country and Putin is letting them know that those in the west who use war for no other reason than for enriching themselves will not enjoy the fruits of a war with him


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