1. Apis Cor

2. Helicopter Tree Trimming

3. Amazon Prime Air

4. Tesla

5. Waymo

6. KUKA Robotics

7. i-LIMB Pulse

8. Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge

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  1. How does the APIS COR construction results stand upto extreme weather specifications ? Tornados ? Hurricanes ? Tidal Waves ? Earthquakes ? Winter Storms? That tiny round building at the end would be viable in limited locations and would be demolished in a major storm.

  2. The helicopter tree trimming is not new technology. IT might be new to the folks that slapped this video together, but this concept goes back to the 80s. So not sure why they included 35 year old tech in a "new tech" video.

  3. LMAO — Waymo – 8 million miles on public roads … in ideal conditions, at very low speeds. Toss them into highway speeds in a bad storm w/ erratic and unpredictable drivers and put 8 million miles on the autonomy in those conditions and try again.

  4. i-Limb + Bluetooth = hackers playground. Yeah, that'll go over good. Also of note this tech ahs been around since the 90s and again isn't new. What the video editor is showing is simply the one of the more recent versions.

  5. You know what trully, BLOWS my, mind???
    How technology is slowly Devolutionazing human kind….and we humans have become too lazy, stupid ignorant AND blind to see it. It will inevitably become OUR CRASHING METEOR. It will be an extinction very well, deserved.😁😜👍👍👍

  6. Вертолёт который возит бензопилу интересно беспилотник? Потому что если он будет с водителем и пила зацепиться за деревья либо надо механизмы которые отцепляют эту пилу иметь либо кранты


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