New York Subway Shooting: 10 of the 16 people injured suffered from gunshots wounds | English News

At least 16 people were injured in a shooting at a subway station in New York. The incident occurred at the 36th Street Station in Sunset Park in Brooklyn.

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Comment (38)

  1. Mike baker presents is CIA presents.This after biden speach to crack down on gun laws and to increase law enforcement activity, US staged this event.

  2. DEMS embracing crime like this as seen all around the US….. appointing the inept in key judicial rankings gives them cart blanche!

  3. If it was a white man it’d be a domestic terrorist , but given who it was I’m surprised it’s not being labeled self defense

  4. One community in world be like whereever we are minority we bomb that country because we want to become majority.

  5. The cameras in that station were malfunctioning. They aren’t concerned about security of any kind. DeBlasio just wrecked everything along with activist judges who keep releasing violent criminals over and over. One man was recently highlighted that was released 44 times after violent assaults. The last time he was held for punching a 4 yr old holding his mother’s hand. Our new mayor is more worried about his wardrobe than getting control of the mess. It’s pathetic.

  6. Here is a fact: not one single National Riffle Association NRA member has ever “gone postal” on anyone. These gremlins in NYC are bullies. They steal the guns the use and it makes them feel big when they aren’t.
    November is coming……can’t wait for the landslide

  7. I don't care what the police say. Just because they don't want to admit this is domestic terrorism, doesn't mean it isn't. Common sense is common sense! I wish the big media wasn't so controlled so they can stop repeating that dumb S@#$!!!

  8. I hope this type of activities increases and the God will take revenge of all millions children died in Iraq and slowly and painfully dying in Afghanistan.

  9. When they are going to bring that guy to the hospital, his hurt, he can’t even walk, God bless him and the rest of the people that was shot, May God bring that guy that did this, bring him to justice soon, what he have done is horrible, He must be crazy 😝 to do such a ugly thing, stay strong parents of all this people that was hurt with gun shot, this is insane, terrible, God bless All, plenty of love 💕 from Queen 👸

  10. Wion news, thank you 🙏 for sharing the news about this horrible case, God bless you all, hugs 🤗 kisses 😘 And plenty of love 💕 from Queen 👸

  11. This is why I carry my KIMBER CUSTOM CLASSIC 45ACP 1911 with Hollow points everywhere everyday. I shoot BACK !!!!!!!

  12. For those who do not live in NYC, there is still NO CELL PHONE RECEPTION between stations, so IMPOSSIBLE for passengers to call for help until train pulls into the station.

  13. US accuses india for human rights violation but nobody claims of USA psycho terror people who can shoot any innocent people inside USA…is these USA democracy?

  14. The strict gun laws in New York left the law abiding citizens defenseless!! They were the proverbial fish in a barrel. Just like the government wants us!!


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