New York Subway Shooting: At least 13 injured in Brooklyn subway shooting, police hunt for shooter

At least 13 people have been injured in a shootout at a subway station in Brooklyn, New York. The injured have been admitted to various hospitals in the area.

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Comment (19)

  1. what we need to start bum rushing the shooter if i was close to the shooter i would do so at my expence – need to bum rush the guy hold him down then others help the guy out understand

  2. As a black man in America I ask the following.

    The police are saying that a black man is the Person of Interest. So if this black man is shooting several people and they are white victims would this not be a "racist" act?

    I mean if it was a white man shooting black/hispanic people would it not be a racist act of violence?

    But theAmerican Media will not call this a racist act because racism is only used when the shooter is white and the victim is black.

    These people in the American Media are sick psychopaths.

  3. people are getting crazier and desperate….. the condition on earth is getting worse and worse by the day….. and this would get really worse…. rich and powerful people are above the law….. and there are a lot of people now who are below poverty due to covid and economic condition……

  4. God bless all of the firstvrespinders for putting their life on the line for the people. To help them. Biden needs to get his sht TOGETHER. but oh yea, he likes it

  5. Good Good…….
    When u ppl njoy pain of us Hindus we njoy your pain

  6. What ever happening in USA is her own act reciprocates. Patriots indian should left USA and UK Only begar Indian should reside there for beg dollar. .

  7. In India, metros won't allow even food to take, in usa they are allowing guns and bombs, are there no security checks on metros in usa


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