New York Subway Shooting: Manhunt launched to nab suspect | NYC Governor monitoring situation | WION

At least 13 persons were injured, including five from gunshots, at a subway station in Brooklyn, New York City on Tuesday. Preliminary information indicated that the suspect who fled was a man wearing a gas mask. WION brings you more updates in this report.

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Comment (39)

  1. Have anyone notice that they haven't put any effort in identifying the so-called suspect nationality like white or black or Asian or middle eastern. But all they're talking about is taking guns away. Looks like a false flag to me to disarm the pubic

  2. 1:11 
    Notice the young man who comes off the train here. It appears he ducks out ahead of another man who is clearly injured. The guy appears to be more concerned with the condition of his shoes than the injured.

  3. New York just couldn't let Cali win when it comes violence! This was New York telling Cali to hold my beer!

  4. The only lunatic I see here, is the individual speaking from Boston. Lost a lot of respect for WION to broadcast this nonsense. New York State has one of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, sharply limiting people's ability to carry weapons outside their homes. It is a right, as indicated in the US Constitution, that a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall NOT be infringed. Where I find the hypocrisy is his statements on being a lunatic fringe yet Democrats supported Ukrainian leaders when they armed tens of thousands of its citizens with automatic weapons, which are illegal in the U.S. and far more lethal than the semi-automatic assault rifles that, according to several polls, most Democrats would also like to outlaw. Its not a gun problem, its an administration problem. Democrats are at the helm of 11 of the 15 deadliest cities in U.S. – where gun laws are excessively restricted.

  5. Now they say he's black. why so long b4 they mention is nationality ?? They didn't find a gun. why keep talking about ghost gun?? And it seems like like they were trying very hard to find him

  6. Just ban all guns. Nor will the civilians have it, nor the criminals, not even the police except a designated policing branch.. No weapons all over. Problem clear

  7. Please excuse me. I say this respectfully. No person that was a former spook, and who says that Americans owning a gun, and by that, equates it to them having freedom, and that Intel officer then says, those persons are lunatic, he has zero credibility, and has no, on the ground experience, with everyday Americans.

    Now this intelligence person, and I use the term loosely, should have told you that there is an approximately 393 million legal gun owners in America.

    Today, we had one person with a gun, probably illegal, use it to hurt people. There was one last week that killed some people which is reprehensible, but does that reflect on the millions of legal gun owners in America that do not go out and commit gun crimes?

    That is why legislators don't disturb the right of legitimate gun owners. Crimes such as today are committed by peoplle who have cognitive brain difficulty and they need to be in hospital being treats for their mental illnesses.

    People like this host, with his driving questioning leading to guns in America is out of control and the totalitarian Intel officer feeding him raw BS seem to agree with each other and they have no cognitive idea of the facts here on this subject.

    Gun homicides are 0.0049 of all registered legal gun owners in America! Do you understand?? That is thousands of 1 percent!

    Oh, but the media sensationalizes the matter and makes it sound like gun crime is rampant and completely out of control, it is not. In some hovels, where there is a high level of criminality, and wrongdoers, there is a problem.

    That you two morons fail to understand is America is a target for the world, like you two muttonheads, you hate America and do your part to smear and make the country sound like it is out of control.

    It is an infrequent problem with WION when its hosts who come out and sound like they know what they are talking about have no friggin' idea, or know the reality on the ground.

    The American president hates the country also, makes a big deal about ghost guns, and easily solvable problem, just send a delivery list to the ATF, simple.

    This simpleton, puts on a dog and pony show and makes it seem like there is a massive proliferation of ghost guns. It's all BS, PR, this person is so low in the polls, no president has ever had this low approval numbers, so we get crap like ghost guns, because they got to do something to make him look effective.

    You people really need to do a better job, of not thinking your agenda will go unseen.

    An American Intel officer? Really?

  8. I'm calling it now it was a Bug Bomb the suspect works Pest control hence how he had the safety vest and gas Mask and the gas itself he stole it from work to make it even harder to Trace and i bet if they looked into it they would find out that the gas used was for pest control so i really do think they should be looking for someone who worked or works in Pest control.

  9. "The suspect was BLACK,and wearing a orange jumpsuit"…..usual suspect already wearing his prison clothes from the last time he was arrested

  10. This is Ukrainian aspiration of joining western alliance.Mass shooting,school shooting,gay rights, drugs abuse,gang violence,prostitution,rape.Good luck with that zelensky

  11. The news journalist ( Ms. White ) basically just personally targeted Afro-Americans in general, Afro-Americans who just so happen to be in the subway, Afro-Americans in the subway talking loud, and homeless Afro-Americans, by saying they're a problem bcuz she fears for her life whenever she's around them (Afro-Americans ). But you notice that she couldn't say or give an account when an Afro-American ever did anything to her personally. The whole narrative was scripted to lead up to her targeting Afro-Americans with the help of that male African news anchor, who's not an Afro-American. He's a Hamite from Africa, form the linage of Ham. The so-called Afro-Americans are not Africans. Their real name is Judah, form the tribe of Judah from the 12 tribes of Israel. Yes, the real Jews, which explains why they've been targeted since the beginning of American history. But Christ is coming back soon to take vengeance on ALL their enemies who took them captive into slavery on ships into the Americas and anywhere else and persecuted them. And their God of Heaven knows what you're thinking .and gonna tell you when he finally see you to judge you. So try to make it easier on your self with what you do and say regarding the so-called Afro-Americans , because they are the real Jews, whom Christ died for, and is coming back to SAVE


  13. Biden better ban smoke bombs and incinerating devices too!! We don't need new laws,WE NEED THE LAWS THAT WE HAVE ENOUGH ENFORCED!!

  14. Buddy covering up Beiden.. Many Democarts also support first Ammenntment .. Its not only legal guns.. In US illigal guns are also there. They are flowing into Canada also

  15. Anyone ever read the 2nd amendment? Not for hunting. For protecting each other in case our government becomes corrupt. That's why they are so afraid of guns. Wake up people!

  16. ohh yea, Ghost guns, mine scare me every knight. I feel like if im not careful they will stand up and shoot me at night…….AHHHHHHH! Its the criminals you have created that kill not the scary Ghost Guns you fools. Try as you might you will never get the guns! Stop letting terrorist accross our Border or shut the hell up, one or the other.

  17. Look at them fools wearing mask.. Lol that is so funny! I once seen a federal agent put on a mask, crack me up how brainwashed these fools are.


  19. All these shootings in America is nothing compared to atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Besides, they are killing each other. What a dumb country.

  20. You 2 idiots do not understand the US Constitution. 2A the god given right to own a gun. Do not infringe. And moron. We have it and it strictly states for a TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT. We should have access to the same weapons the military has in order to fight off the TYRANNICAL government.
    It’s not for hunting rabbits.
    And isn’t it so convenient that this happened the day after potato head Joe thinks it’s legal to use his pen to overwrite our US Constitution! This is not legal and is absolutely against the path of the US constitution.

  21. This is only natural result from soc progressive lax laws and law enforcement, and from progressive Sup Crt gods atheistic rulings re classrooms, and mental instit shut downs. Big cities w right to own and carry firearms have, logically, LESS crime. Self satisfied, timid soc progressive governors and mayors w private body guards will not change restrictive laws, until citizens take upon themselves to change laws. Big city restricted citizens may be too distracted, or passive content w dem socialist welfare promises until it is too late under total Orwellian govt control?


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