New York Subway Shooting: Multiple people shot at inside Brooklyn Subway station | Breaking News

Multiple people were shot and at least 13 were injured on Tuesday in a New York subway station. The shootings occurred at the 36th Street subway station in Brooklyn. WION tells you more insights in this report.

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Comment (23)

  1. mental illness is a big distraction & marketing tool, from the problem of violence . Most seriously mentally ill persons account for only 2% of all violence committed in society . Most psychiatric drugs are chemical torture . What is needed is a much fairer distribution of wealth, jobs & benefits

  2. SOS from Russia: Goodwill people! Joe Biden betrays Ukraine for he refuses to close the sky. Every day brings new victims. FORCE NATO to CLOSE the SKY OVER UKRAINE. This is the only way to stop Putin. Otherwise, you will be the next victim of his aggression! Putin is a WORLDWIDE CRIMINAL but don't be afraid of a nuclear strike from his side – he cannot do it alone, and the top militaries around him have families and want to live. It's just a threat on his part. He uses your fear to prevent military aid to Ukraine. BY NOT CLOSING the SKY OVER Ukraine NATO becomes an ACCOMPLICE of Putin's CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY

  3. Its the Democrats that are letting these criminals out to cause harm on the good civilians of the United states and Biden isn't helping by keeping the boarders open and letting anyone especially gang members and cartel members in.

  4. And you know the people of the usa will keep putting Democrats in power because they never learn from their mistakes and its sad that Americans like doing this to themselves, its truly sad.

  5. As long as Democrats are in power the criminals will be free to kill as many people as they want and have no hard punishments, Democrats will always make this country not safe for anyone,

  6. Traditional MLK (SKIN COLOR DOSENT MATTER) / JFK (USA BF SELF) here. Query? Bother anyone that all the white hate elite academic and media institutions have been pushing for years may not have been such a good idea? Bother anyone these institutions are awash in MILLIONS of CCP cash? Woke know the CCP right? – (owners of ACTUAL SLAVES who underwrote war in UKR – Putins partner (how many dead in UKR?)) – they make the cheap crap u buy. Bother anyone that CRT style cultural division structures are addressed in a KGB Subversion Manual published in 1954? Any concern? PLEASE WAKE UP WOKE. Elites are using you. And only you can stop them. My Gen – Gen X – worthless. Up to you to stop this fr happening again.

  7. Its sad to see and i wonder when the world will come to some sort of solution to end this for once and all.. 😔😡

  8. Americans pretend to fight for human rights all over the world, but their own country USA doesn't care about their human rights. Their own country USA has sold their human rights to the arms industrialists.

  9. I wish for fast recovery and US needs to become strict on such acts, wasn't there a shooting in california last week ?

  10. USA have a gun culture .. this is a big issue for America because any terrorist going to shop buy a gun .. and become this activity . So America should be ban gun culture..

  11. Terrible incident. Hope the perpetrator will be apprehended soon. He is too dangerous to be ket loose in NY!

  12. Muslims in NYC pray in the heart of Times Square on the 1st night of Ramadan.
    After few weeks
    Manhole explosion causes panic in New York's Times Square.
    After that this attacks
    This is a series of events Western countries are doing same mistakes like INDIA do in past they Don't understand Islamic ideology

  13. Seriously no pity no regret these are the ramifications of American wrongdoings who committed horrible crimes for decades American cannot be spare one day America will pay the price of his doings no blessings no condolences have it your own way


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