New York Times is defaming India over it's covid-19 toll | Latest English News | WION

Western Media is known for peddling narratives especially when they understand the story only halfway. Now, we are talking about a familiar culprit the New York Times now in their latest headline reads -‘India is stalling the WHO’s efforts to make global covid death toll public’.

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Comment (39)

  1. Watching the discussions on India by world continuously in every topic i feel India has become biggest superpower of world..😂
    Without invasions hypocrisy and business in wars🤣😂🤣

  2. According to WHO statistics there have been approximately one million covid deaths in the USA, and 500,000 in India, since the beginning of the pandemic.
    The population of the USA is aproximately 33 million; that of India is 1.5 billion.
    Simple arithmetic suggests that the risk of death from covid in the USA has been a hundred times greater in the USA than in India.

    Yes, it could be that India underestimated the numbers submitted to WHO. But by a factor of a hundred??

    A more likely explanation is that the USA grossly overestimated their covid death toll by counting death from other causes as "covid deaths", on the basis of faulty pcr tests.

  3. WHO has a similar habit than USA – it blames others for its own lack of efficiency and responsibility. Blaming denotes negation of ability to coordinate with others. Period.

  4. The WHO map of India does not even consider Arunachal Pradesh or Jammu and Kashmir to be parts of India (go ahead and check). There is no doubt then that the WHO figures for India are complete nonsense. Ethiopian communist Tedros wont call out his master China even as they torture their own people and turn the country into a bigger jail than usual.

  5. When WHO and China together cover up outbreak of wuhan viruses and spread to Italy and other countries ..what's the point to know death rate of India …Is WHO can help to resurrect people who died 😂😂

  6. 500k death in a population of 1.4 B?, no one sane ll believe that, 4 million is more reasonable. It will tie up with other countries even western ones like USA and UK, population per density wise. I think India overall has done great, it managed to vaccinate a huge chunk of its population. Lol NYT got no reputation even I know that and I don't even live in USA

  7. NYT thinks that Indians cares about their reporting. No, we don't give a shit NYT. Keep your lecture to yourself🇮🇳🙏🇮🇳

  8. US can never be a friend to any country… They just use others for their interests and then let them get destroyed like ukraine, Afghanistan, iraq and many others…

  9. Its so easy to remove the deflective noise of covid and its death's, all countiesl deaths around the world are complied annually, go look at this data for the last four years, I say four years so you can see pre covid annual death date in relation to when covid started, if you didn't know we had a pandemic you wouldn't know we did by just looking at this data. So trying to spin a ridiculous untruthful fear mongering figure is futile

  10. If I was in charge of India I'd tell them to pass off. NYT's is just a Jeff Bozo's big mouth, and the WHO is Bill Gates and XiJinping's

  11. Of course that Indian daya so far away for real death tool – in some rural areas nobody did not count real deaths .

  12. NYT should be van in India give tit for tat reply and show them their place where they belong. NYT just knows to throw dirt on India in name of freedom of press and speech but there is a saying dog barks but there is no impact to elephant

  13. NYT does not report anything on WHO directors tedros or China but they like to meddle with India as it is a democracy and peddle dirt

  14. when India was burning bodies in car parks and dumping bodies into rivers…..Modi's government refuses to acknowledge the crisis. Millions of Indians has died yet the total is so low….obviously the Modi government is still refusing to acknowledge the deaths.

  15. 🎙 Russia's Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova’s interview with RT

    ❗️Russia has made public the facts that have come to light to date at the UN and other international organisations and called on the US authorities to provide detailed explanations, but, predictably, Washington does not appear to be ready to share with the public any meaningful information on its military biological programme in Ukraine.

    📃 According to confirmed reports, Germany closely coordinated its work on biological security with its US allies, who established a network of at least 30 biological laboratories in Ukraine.

    Read in full

    ☝️ We urge German officials to immediately stop spreading false allegations about our country’s intentions to use weapons banned by international law. We believe that such statements can only serve to push neo-Nazi battalions to commit horrible provocations, and moral responsibility for their tragic consequences will be shared by Berlin.

  16. Wion criticizes West on a daily basis with half truths, rumors, outright lies. Does same to other countries as well. If u reported on your own country as much as u seem to think u know about other countries people might actually know the truth. Indian has its own problems. Not reporting your own problems does not change reality.

  17. USA should first count its population of legals,illegals,migrants who suffered ini pandemic first. Than coming up with stupid illogical methods that cant be of any use in asia.
    what works for usa doesnt work for all, when will the arrogant usa understand it,.
    these same western ny analysts said 50 million indians will die with pandemic,
    Today india vaccinated more people than usa & europe combined and is heading for boosters to all.
    They should worry for themself than trying to apply there illogical stats principles to all.,

  18. nyt and in general all americans are highly jealous of INDIA, americans are highly racial whites arrogant rogue country . . it has gone to dogs now, and is now gone, finished, khallas . . . !!!

  19. American, and some western, legacy media lies about other countries, covid and Ukraine. They sell lies to please their political masters.

  20. Who even cares about western media. They are known to hype even a small blade cut in barber shop as a attempt to murder.


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