"No Anxiety" (FREE) Kendrick Lamar x D Smoke Type Beat 2020

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro Hook
00:11 Verse 1
00:44 Hook
01:05 Verse 2
01:37 Hook 2
01:58 Verse 3
02:30 Outro Hook

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Comment (43)

  1. Lyrics (No Anxiety )
    No fear/ 2020 see a boost in my career / smoke to see clear / yes to beer and hard liquor/ cut off bitter niggas that like to bicker / smoke like a hipster / fall in love with stripper like tpain didn’t make it rain but got the brain / love or lust? Hard to trust so I don’t discuss shit / y’all mistake weakness fo kindness on that fuck shit / thy warrior is the wrong soldier to fuck with

  2. Go grab me a drink
    A bag of potion my exponent going out of buisness state wide the globe in her plans and her pants is obvious just the co sign in pure genious gravity great the grape kool-aid sour lemon dispatch tripping
    Im young wild getting it distrubing the peace my body silence i call harlem I see my barber in the back still TRYING to fade the world the peace violence corruption out the back seat
    / breaking down crime.pays the tv dont
    They swear they there against proven sentence
    My heart trouble i cough deeply at the sound with the tomb
    Preheat cook slowly/ put my best to work
    They ready/ I got a passion for the lie and retreat/ its been open never a kept but open SEASON the real gone get / the restless gotta get UP/ long ENDs broken hearted / we did this before YOU could remember the specialty
    My face bring memories
    Oh so not sudden to flash backs hot flashes only when we dance and Ziploc/
    My plans are simple like the movie play around for 90 minutes
    Then it's back to the cut / leave with everything still in mind
    No wonder we ain't get no where so in control to take it there
    All you say is speak up about whatever it is You notice and didn't get
    I hint only that I'm wanted after the day done/the hour ain't happy
    Your funds is gone now you wanna recap
    Playing the part of smile give me a hug holding on my jeans like they fit you
    Playing the phone like it's calling for some audio
    Pure action only in figures sorry you missed you naked fitting
    The club close the cab gone and your appointed in the mirror
    For the next twenty four hours till it's show time /

    Rough draft free verse #Written
    Major Boi the Artist and Writer.

  3. 🎙🎶 yo, slingshot in your eye 👁, now days Giants die, word from Pastor Matthew; then he spit in my eye that little wise guy, “ What”; it was all a dream , bulldog 🐶 woke me up with a lick 👅 in my ear 👂, its a brand new year “2020”, Epik the Dawn keeps the Jams coming all night long, Kendrick Lamar and D Smoke 💨, ask Jandro if I can get that bomb 💣 smoke, no Anxiety once you taste that “ Echo Park Eric Loc smoke, it’s no joke, you won’t feel your legs once you get a toke, Thank Jesus Christ I stopped puffing on that California smoke 💨, back in the days I would always say ,Roll it up cris, that’s how we do , Dodger Town it’s like “ Oak- Town”, kind of like U.G.K sound, madd love 2 that Westside connections make you bow down🎶 HipHop and Jesus Funk save my life, true story🙌🏼

  4. No gonna lie, ima spit some real spiritual shit on your beats. Talking about the worlds problems, Real Shit. I feel like you know a lot about this this corrupt world we live in. You’re titles speak to me.


    Inside's a secret
    Nobody knows
    It cuts
    It stabs
    No scars to be shown

    Once was a time
    when the only escape
    was holding onto
    some concrete sedate
    It gave some perception
    The psyche turned to hate
    So long as it helped pain alleviate

    Till came the time
    of ultimate surrender
    A battle lost
    to a deranged contender
    When avoidance and denial
    gave way to reality and peace
    A newfangled manner
    less passive aggressive defeats

    From bondage to resurrection
    In a river brimming
    with aspirations and mutual beliefs

    Still it cuts
    Still it stabs
    Still no scars to be shown
    Inside's a secret no one will truly know…

  6. Fall asleep at the pen, I'm on the Wheel/
    Steering in the same damn direction as the kill/
    Anxiety pills,
    On top of a stuffed phattie/
    This head on collision can really happen sadly/
    The glare blinded me,
    My rearviews cracked/
    Tryna wipe the blood from my eyes,
    But all I see is Black/
    Knowing holy shit here comes the Wreck/
    All this extra thinking now I'm dead/
    How could all this be inside of my head/
    But its too much like suicidal thinking/
    I'm not a Drunk but I drive drinking/
    Wait…..let that sink in/
    No seatbelt & in a second I won't feel nothing/
    Thank you I'm back the transition was just
    a push of a button/ -DIIVERSE

  7. This beat so dope I just wrote the song now and don't dare to post it on here. Wait till you hear this shyt. Yo ay. I know it sounds crazy but if I do get big and do tours. I will pay YOU to come with me. And im a fair guy man if I got it you got it. Im talking making you wanna stand up out your chair and slap your momma ! Me I wou l don't dare do that she would fn kill me. You make beats that I vibe with. Thats valuable. And helping me is really helping you cyz im not a greedy person. I'll just work more to get more

  8. Looking to start a you tube show this fall. Currently planning the segments of a hour long show. The plans ill most likely send to you by email. I want this to be different than anything thats currently out there. Ppl just wanna be entertained bruh !

  9. Ill be doing interviews. Id love to get you on once I've collected viewers. Wontvtake long got ppl on YouTube who will love mob my channel. Its only a 1000 to get monetized. But it'll be a opportunity to push your content and help ppl know who you are as artist. These beats arev2 fire to be going stale. Which leads me to believe maybe advertising yourself more could generate higher sales. Like I said man I don't do this just for me. I hope we become friends and look out for each other and grow. Shyt if the fun is in the journey I hope for a long one

  10. Im buying those beats Wednesday morning. Its gonna be awhile maybe mid summer till I can buy more because getting this recording studio going has money tight. This 1st purchase is just to show when I say im going to do something no doubt its getting done


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