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Comment (36)

  1. Not to be off-subject, but this needs addressing: in Ex 32:15 at the 21:18 mark, it's interesting that the ET Cepher uses "sapphires" as the tablets of stone. I don't know how it justifies that, because I don't see 'sapphires' in the Hebrew (DSS or Masoretic) or the LXX. I have one of these, and after reading this – it shows you can't ever just relax and read when you're studying The Word. The sapphire reference doesn't even make sense, because how would something that's only softer than diamond shatter when it hits the ground?!

  2. I simply absolutely love this ministry of YAHUSHA and his vessels of YAH’S doctrine! While I will not rejoice in the iniquity of Israelites, and our transgression of YAH’S Torah but I will rejoice in the righteousness of the truth and the power of his voice in his vessels… did I ever tell you guys how much I LOVE you both… truly you are my Mishpacha!! Much LOVE… That was without a doubt a blow to them false hebrew Israelites arrogance, and self-righteous foolish behavior.

  3. I know theyve gotten some new bibles sent to them but does anyone remember what he said they use? Kjv doesnt mention sapphires (the 1st set of tablets) plus it makes it sound as though their nakedness (the isrealites) is not literal

  4. Thank you thank you thank you!❤ thank you for your time, your concern for the people, your obedience to Yahua. I'm so grateful and appreciative! Halleluyah 😄😄😄😂😂😂😂😂🥰🤗❤🌹I love y'all😚💝💌🥰🍁🍂😚

  5. Thank you my brother and sister shalom. This was a very good lesson I am one of the ones who are studying this late. I pray and Hope that the most high Yahuah keep the children of yashar el.

  6. Praise yahuah family let us all whom are called stand fast as we continue to call out the remnant of our breddrin and sistrin who are still kept captive .through yahusha hamashiach . . . So be it . .

  7. You can play the role of Harriet Tubman DeborahYah, if you do I have a song dedicated to her and ideas to put in the small movie. Lee know you you guys are interested


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