"No Lies" (FREE) Kendrick Lamar X JOEY BadA$$ Type Beat 2020

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro Hook
00:25 Verse 1
00:58 Pre Hook 1
01:15 Hook 2
01:32 Verse 2
02:05 Pre Hook 2
02:22 Hook 3
02:39 Outro

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Comment (30)

  1. Im hardcore training to be the best I listen to your tracks daily and spit to them.
    I write bars almost whenever the mood strikes me. and then I go back and keep trying to write something that hits when the viking kissed his sword to his lips – I tell more truths than lies Men do cry like my name on Rapchat – Menducri thank you for the beats bro keep them coming I swear Ill credit you if I ever make a legit video proving my talents. . . also my birthday is tomorrow, I turn 25!

  2. No lie no fear
    No devils no tears
    No bragging no sagging
    No shots be firing
    No plugs retiring
    No jails for the gifted
    Niggas hope on a wishlist
    Niggas won’t really get this
    Chiggas spreading all the million
    Bitches staying out they feelings
    Got me leaping over buildings
    Just help future children

  3. Never get days off even when I doze off see her in my dreams with her close off, but I close off, shows off, dont text me on late night shit, rather die rich the live broke, hope I don't take that last line as a joke, cause its cold in these streets differences between the wise and the weak replies on the eyes and the feet, we are somebody, too prideful to tell somebody….

  4. Okay freestyle writing/ smile while fighting/ file can't find it/ beat can't rewind it/ gotta keep writing/ feeling enlightened everybody behind em/ keep looking up where you gonna find em/ wonder where the time went/ wonder where i go when my time spent/ instrumental done I guess that's it/

  5. Без идей без людей
    Мысли на второй план
    Слово сэмпл ты был прав
    Только бес праздный весь с этого ликовал
    Плагин твой скилл только кто ты без него

  6. The odds are stacked up against you/
    So why not seek the truth?/
    We all have been BAMBOOZLED/
    To thinking we gotta choose Red or Blue
    Self destruct/
    Quick as the Government does/
    I know that its tough/
    But the Strong will survive
    through all this/
    No matter who the FUC** in Office/Calling us animals, & contagious
    to go to school with/
    Wait here comes the cool Whip/
    That's now our 46th President/
    Its evident that the medicine kicked in/you ain't black if u dont VOTE for him/
    That honestly lost me then./
    Dude actually had the nerve to grin/

  7. Since its NO LIES/
    Senseless killings everywhere,
    What the FU** you dont think
    we got no Wives/ & children that
    would rather DIE/
    Just because there father died/
    Or snap
    and go UNIFY, and hunt the enemy down
    He done seen his MOMMA cry/
    all yall aint even gotta take aim/
    About 98% of 80s babies feel the exact same/
    No wonder why as a youngsta I was forced to train/
    Was molded into a Full man at an early AGE/
    Cuz he knew one day That i may have to BA™™

  8. Tryin not'ta script my own replies.
    Tired of tears trailing off her eyes.
    I'd ride on myself if maskin' up won't
    Already such a god damn disguise.
    How the hell am I surprised? Ski mask
    on-guess im supposed to mountain climb.
    I mean-i already never rest-tryna mount everest-exception-im exceeding my precedents. Succeeding is evidence. Its evident-peep out my residence-is elegant-but every room i enter-im an elephant. Poppin the trunk for the hell of it.

  9. 300 wit me pluse 65
    12 residential wit plenty irone
    I cant comperhend but my faith is God
    My vessel investing and intertwine
    My élément interstellaire
    My fire can heal a Section
    Da water Can take ya blessing
    And da ice so cold it fordge a weapon
    Dont commette a felon
    So intelligente
    Avatars make
    Blue print in da
    Pharo Ship
    da Lord of da rings
    In Da Meca
    source as Dark as Depth of Time
    In a révolution
    my Revolver retRabution
    On this track it get so abusive
    Whips taking flesh and they Nuwter humans


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