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  1. I’m still trying to figure out where to start. Been in Christianity for so long and even though I’ve been following you all for some time, I’m still struggling with grasping the realization that we are the chosen people of word.

  2. Thank you so much for your dedication to bring such a powerful word to the people…I love your teachings…Love to see a husband and wife come together as one…I received a powerful revelation about how Elisha understood what had to be done to receive that double portion of ruach he asked for…He tore off his old clothes in order to receive what he asked for…power…What blew me away was when Watchman asked; (paraphrasing)…Are you holding on to your old master? Wow! You have to let go of the old to receive the new…

  3. This was AWESOME. Thank Yah for this lesson. Some of us don’t ask for a portion because we feel like we don’t deserve it. Yah knows I want a double portion and try my best each day to be worthy enough to receive it.

  4. If I may.
    As the Sons and Daughters of the Most High Yah we are to "live" in the Spirit . . .
    But "function" in our flesh . . .
    Dr. O. 💖

  5. Recently I learned the reason praying and prophesying women cover their heads is to not bring shame upon their head. So I began covering my head. I felt beautiful spiritually. I never knew this is what a beautiful woman is in the eyes of Yah, until I covered my head by reason to follow Yah. Amazing what happens when it is our heart that follows! HalleluYah!

  6. Exactly I always believed in YAH I just didn't know how serious the way I was taught didn't teach the way that I'm learning now I thank YAH all I want is his word I want to fast but before I do that I'm learning to not do the worldly things that I do daily like how long I can go with eating no TV no internet unless I'm.listening to the word I think I can fast well I know I can I'm grateful

  7. Hail & Greetings and many blessings from Utrecht town in The Netherlands.

    Love & Respect you edifying programs always !!!

    Many, many thanks for all these Nourishment and Keep up the Vital, Crucial Essentisal Frequencies of This Truth !!!

    Looking forward for the 2nd and last exodus to meet you all !

    YAH Live & Reign
    Patrick Simeon

  8. Shabbat Shalom Family!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this YAH-INSPIRED Word brought forth by His Children Brother Watchman Yahu & Sister Deborah Yah. It was indeed, Spiritual Food fit for The Soul. HalleluYAH! May YAH continue Richly Blessing & Keeping you both as He leads & guides y'all to do His HOLY PURPOSE & WILL. Amen


  9. I've been doing my due diligence charitably speaking, I want to expand and go out of my own way to be a blessing to the family Yasharal, I would appreciate if anyone could share how I might do this? I would love new ways. Reparations is on my mind. 🙂

  10. I came across a video GDASH the Prophet saying that YAHUSHA and the New Testament was all fabricated by Rome.

  11. May you pleas send me the link or something to the bibles you use. I want the case too. I was looking back on other videos and cant find it. Please

  12. Ahab at Mishpacha, I love you family! Other than that all I've got to say is May YaHUaH יהוה rebuke and remove all evil, all evil ruachoth, and the works thereof from your life, and may YaHUaH יהוה Barak you and gaurd you, YaHUaH יהוה make His Face Shine on you, and show Favour to you, YaHUaH יהוה Lift His Countenance on you and give you Shalom b'Shem YaHUsHa ha'Machiach Malak ha'Olam Kohen ha'Gadol Tsadikanu את! So be it. Rak Chazak Amatz!

  13. Thank you to the both of y'all….this is what I've been looking for. It's been nutrition to my spirit….



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