North Korea will ‘annihilate’ South with nukes, warns Kim Jong-un’s sister

Kim Jong-un’s sister has threatened to attack South Korea with nuclear weapons. Kim Yo-jong said North Korea will “annihilate” the South’s army if provoked. Her sharp retort came in response to South Korea’s defence minister Suh Wook who discussed Seoul’s ability to accurately and quickly hit any target in North Korea.

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Comment (50)

  1. everyone who has nuke now are threatening other countries if they are provoke. This is because putin set as an example, that he can threaten the world an US and NATO are scared to confront him and stop him. That's why the world has to act and do something to stop putin, or else other country with nukes will imitate and follow his design to intimidate the world.

  2. One must be fair in its hatred of NK, but since the last elections the new SK leaders have been rather reckless with their mouth almost fanning a conflict with NK

  3. If KIM shoots 1 it will be his last one !! We have ships and ships locked and loaded and nuclear submarines right off his coast. They have his name on nukes return to sender! we have space planes in orbit pointed at the ax of evil.

  4. We have 2 ships full of small drones sitting off the coast. They are some so small they can fly down the barrel of a Big gun cannon blow up. They are already programmed to go into bunkers also! North Korea doesn't even know.

  5. Kim is seeking new world order while S. KOREA remain puppet for Americans and western alliance. That is greater proplem for each country for deeper division.

  6. All these so called political leaders are all sick in the head …I pity their reasoning abilities to be more human than animals .

  7. This time it's not second Korean war direct clash with BIg 3 Seoul is directly linked to America unlike Ukraine……or else US will withdraw from Seoul they are practicing it everywhere these days it's easy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. It looks like too many people in this 2022 world have no realistic conception of what a nuclear war would be like. One nuke on the wrong city could kill millions of people instantly. Of course all the nut jobs are following Russia's example now. Countries to watch out for are Turkey, Pakistan, NK, China and to a lesser extent Iran.

  9. Without the help of US and Other Western Country NK can easily Destroy SK even the BTS army is there to fight

  10. As I said before. WATCH what Will Comes NEXT.. GOD is not in No Emergence session at all ..AMERICA IS….

  11. Be careful, Kim Jong-un can bend space and time with his mind, he has powers the world has never seen, what he can't do, is feed and provide for the North Korean people, big sad!!!!!

  12. Make it make sense if they hit Seoul wouldn't they be hitting themselves the capitals couple miles away from each other governments a waste of everything in this world doing more harm then good

  13. There threat is a laughing stuff, north korea is a coward nation,..whatever they say is just a joke..its nonsense, child minded north koreans..nothing to worry.

  14. Out of all the mad Men on this planet that we think could start world war 3 I have no doubt that Kim's sister would most definitely push the button with a smile on her face.
    South Korea better prepare themselves before she gets into power

  15. so were all just gonna go ahead and kill each other. maybe none of us really deserve this life. Evil and hatred is truly alive in humanities heart. way to go everyone…everyone trying to dominate another and over what? ego.

  16. Many countries prepared dangerous weapons and interested to try over others innocent head. Evil threats.

  17. Anybody that knows what sue woo really means knows why she’s so violent, it’s literally in her name 😂

  18. This woman is evil, you think the wind shear will not bring radio active fallout to the north if you bombed the south, so angry about this threat..when the ukraine war happened we as third world country suffers the consequences,.now you are also beginning to add these hardships,.shame on you, should feed first your people and take care of them rather than dreaming of wiping the south, are very ignorant on the effects of nuclear detonations,..

  19. She is breaking the stereotype that only men can be war mongering war criminals. A boy's club? Not Anymore! You go girl! SK will be a small price we will pay as humanity for this important progression towards gender equality.

  20. Kim Jung Un’s sister has more balls than the south’s sleazy defense minister. Sure that shuts him up!


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