"Not willing to form Unity Government with corrupt people"- Sri Lanka Opposition leader | WION

Sri Lanka Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa hits out at the Rajapaksa government, says not willing to form Unity Government with corrupt people under any circumstances.

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Comment (21)

  1. Why would world hear Sri Lanka and its people? Sri Lanka is not part of Europe, Sri Lanka is not Ukraine, Hong Kong or Taiwan, Sri Lanka is not in middle east and dosn't have proven energy sources, Sri Lanka is not arch rival of Russia or China. Basically Sri Lanka is not beneficial for US and its rich European allies!

  2. You guys here just shitting only on rajapaksas as if you have your own personal issue with just them..we Sri Lankans are trying to get rid both rajapaksas government and the opposition which is lead by the hypocritic fool sajith premadasa.. basically the whole 225 members of the parliament. Its not two parties! They're just friends separated into two teams just taking turns in continuing corruption

  3. If our kings from past knows this they will surely behead this corrrupted politicians.and cut them into pieces.I want to go back times where king dutugamunu,king parakramabahu ruled.the golden ages of sri lanka

  4. … Thanks to COMMUNIST china & KORRUPT Rajapaksas brothers, Ceylon is where it is today… china INTENTIONALLY KORRUPTS this brothers to build a military base to counter India & now the people of Ceylon is paying the price… EVERYTHING that COMMUNIST china touches turns into sand

  5. SLFP SJB SLPP all must hold responsible for today's crisis!. Ex.President, Present President and this Opp Leader. All strategically created the mess in previous Yahapalana Government toppling it by force using media magic, brainwashing programs.. ended up with the Easter Sunday Attack.

  6. 🔥🔥🔥🔥👿👿👿👿👿🔥සජිත්,අනුර ,වෙල්ගම…ජනතාවගේ මුදල් කකා හිටපු කිසිම නැවත කෙනෙක්ට රැවටෙන්න එපා.. උන්ගේ කථාවලට රැවටෙන්න එපා..උන්ට කිසි සැලැස්මක් නෑ..රට හදන්න..තමන්ට බලයට පත්වෙන්න විතරයි ඕන…225 ටම නැවත ඡන්දයක් දෙන්න එපා..ජනතාව එකතුවෙලා මේ දුෂිත සිස්ටම් එක කඩලා ලංකාව එක මාසෙන් දියුණු රටක් කරගමු…මිනිස්සු කොයිතරම් විරෝධතා දැක්වුවත් උන්ට ලෑජ්ජාවක් බයක් නෑ..පරණ සෙල්ලමමයි පාර්ලිමේනතුවේ දාන්නේ..ඔය 225 න් එකෙකුටවත් චන්දයක් දෙන්න එපා..උන් ආයේ ආවත් එක එකාට බැන බැන ඉදලා ජනතාවගේ මුදල් කන එක කරන්න..ජනතාව එකතුවෙලා සිස්ටම් එක කඩමු..අලුත් සිස්ටම් එකක් හදාගමු..ඔය පාර්ලිමෙන්තුව රටින් අයින් කරමු.. 2022-4-6

  7. සජිත් යනු පොන්නයෙකි එය කෙතරම් ද යත් පට්ටම පට්ට පොන්නයෙකි…..

  8. Indians aren't dumb like China and Russia. They fight corruption like the US did with Donald Grump. Good jobIndia, take out the garbage


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