Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Ha ha ha……the devil disguise himself as an angel of light…..the devil was the subtlest the craftiest of all the angels…..ha ha ha….your book your words….self fulfilling prophecy. ….

  2. Facts, Andrew is/was an active member of Seventh day Adventist Church.
    Which was set up financially by former freemasons similarly to JW and Mormons.

    As with all churches/religions The Most High has faithful people (Israelites and Gentiles) in them and He is calling them out of Babylon/confusion.

    Most focus on The Papacy/Jesuit but most ignore the Czar impostors.

  3. the health system was bad from day one ,it worst now, damn worst….. this stupid and this lockdown making this worst…..
    no country 😢is having lockdown….stupidity…
    4000 for a gas…..this man is stupid….

  4. Jamaicans Are too weak in faith and unity.we need to change that and unite against this fuckry that's happening..not even for yourself but your kids..the long we wait the more they taking over

  5. Man , I just know good and well after all these rosters or whatever they want to call they self out of Jamaica I know good and well these people ain't been doing all of this reggae or whatever they want to call this music making all this money this Bob Marley and his kids and all this and it's a white man running Jamaica and shutting it down all this about y'all being gangsters all this about Jamaicans don't play and y'all let no white man run Jamaica man please tell me this ain't true y'all even on the land over there I'm mad as hell y'all swee as f***

  6. These men dont represeent true SdA Adventise their character is of the devil , There are true Men and woman who stand on the sure word of God, that stand on present truth .Not all of Adventis will accept the vax we know it from satan and this is a implication of the Mark of the Beast still you discredit the writing ok EGW that is ypur belief ,we see those videos already still you miss out one of the most important one and we adventis is walking in the truth of God the same bible you rreading from the aadventis read it and gripand anchor in the truth .Shalom


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