Oil down $1 on China growth worries, EU weighs Russian crude ban | Business News | WION

Oil prices fell on Monday in holiday-sapped trade in Asia as concerns about weak economic growth in China, the world’s top oil importer, outweighed fears of potential supply stress from a looming European Union ban on Russian crude.

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Comment (21)

  1. Figures show Russia has tripled its oil and gas profits since the war started , Poland brought a huge shipment of Russian Gas , THEN banned Russian gas ??? just to look good for USA , even the UK brought 220 million in Russian gas since war began …


  3. China produces 200 million tons crude oil a year compare to India produces 30 million tons a year
    Leading countries in installed renewable energy capacity worldwide in 2021(in gigawatts)
    China 1020,
    US 325
    Brazil 160
    India 147
    Germany 138
    Japan 112

  4. Euroupe should've never allowed itself to become dependent on Russian oil and America should've never given up it's energy independence.

  5. Why is WION so concerned about issues in China and the West and fails to talk about their own country India. Palki should also give well vast analysis on Indian problems and that of their allies the way she does on Ukraine war, China COVID situation, Pak. politics, US etc. Until we get to hear that, your news remain BIASED and ONE SIDED.

  6. If its a choice between economic growth or cheaper oil, I think most people would pick the latter. Cheap goods from China, are no good to heat your home or run your car. But with energy supplies being what they are and a uncooperative OPEC, PM Modi, needs stop entertaining foreign diplomats and start putting together an energy strategy which includes exploiting Indian gas and oil reserves, because that will be the best option for economic growth in India, as the Country is just not fully exploiting its potential and energy will become a limiting factor.

  7. The US and western countries are so addicted in bringing China down that they are slowly letting their own countries down in drain

  8. I still remenber Trump warning Germany of its overdependency on Russia for energy in UN, at that time the German delegation laughed at him.

  9. Excuse me Sir/Madam
    Are you saved?
    If you died tonight are you going to heaven?
    Jesus loves you


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