Old Map of Jerusalem And real location South Africa 

This A continuation from my first video, Abrahams journey to the promised land, and it is going through the Verification Of the map and matching it up with the location in South Africa. If you have not seen my first video Abraham’s Journey to the promised land, please watch that first it will make more sense all praises due to Yahweh for his mercy endures forever, and remembering his covenant with our forefathers and waking his people back up in the latter days 🙏🏽

Ps Please do your own research these r just my Views on how I see this world we live in

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  1. Just came across your channel about a week ago. Thank you for all the work you are putting in with these maps, showing the true biblical locations. The truth is coming out. Africa is the Promise land. Peace and blessings.

  2. When the bible says 'north' or 'south', how can we be sure what direction they are actually referring to. My understanding is that for the ancient sumerians and egyptians (and presumably hebrews also), the direction we call 'north' is actually the opposite for them. Let's deal with that, then there are many other things to consider before one can make his own mind up – though your map is somewhat convincing at face value.

  3. Thank you for this eye opening video. I'm a Christian and a Bible student from Mauritius. I am reprogramming my brain and thinking because we've been fooled by the Jesuits and others. History books and outer space must be rewritten.
    Is there a single soul going on location to show us the real thing, even one single stone to tell the Biblical story.???
    Please do so. Thank you. Blessings.

  4. Excellent work you have done here.👏👏👏👏👏💕💕💕💕🤗🤗🤗 I bet it's Jews who are capitalizing on the Israelites' culture to make themselves rich with sale of these maps. I will not focus on these places. I will repent & serve YAHUAH. Thanks for the information, son.

  5. Great video! Please put the link of the man who created the video you reference in your video. He put in a lot of work, and I would like to check out his work. Thank you.

  6. You don’t realize that you just hijack someone else’s video to spread your racist theories.Your theory makes no sense. The Bible talks about the Jerusalem in relation to key known prominent locations such as the Great Sea (Mediterranean sea) the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, Egypt, Syria, Gihon springs. Further more the Roman never occupies the territory You’re suggesting and is false and inaccurate. I hope no one false for this.

  7. I wouldn't think in would line up exactly with a drawing, I believe in the holly wood Jerusalem today and people's are not true, and Africa is the home of the Father, those maps you showed if not before 70 ad can not be the because it be ruins like on Google. Have you checked out what Jerusalem temple was befor the lie look up port antonio in seria yes it was a big walled fortress. Thank you for more understanding.

  8. Come of folks, do not fall for this substitution rubbish….the present site in jerusalem is support by hundred if not thousands years of buildings and towns and names….the video says there are cities and this is the site of the temple, but does not show anything….also the map is of catholic origin and has no validity as they are more crooked than any christians….and the middle sat image map shows nothingl.15:30 there are the three crosses where jesus was crucified….nothing shown…not a thing.. and there was no cross's used for crucifiction…


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