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  1. My biggest enemy has always been myself. When I got out of my own way, my mountain was moved. I'm my biggest obstacle.

  2. Shalom to everyone. I am new to all of this information. I was looking up the pseudepigrapha on Amazon. Before I made my purchase I researched the name pseudepigrapha first. It gave me spurious (false or fake writings) and pseudonymous (writing under a false name). With that being said, I gather that the pseudepigrapha is a bunch of false writing? If so, why are they teaching from a book of false writings?

    I state again, I am new to all this information. Could someone explain the purpose of the pseudepigrapha to me and correct me if I am wrong?

    Thanks family…….

  3. Thanks to TMH for using his vessels to reveal to us the things we need to know in our battle against the wicked one halleluyah

  4. Shalom brothers and sisters. It has been a while. I am dealing with Irma in SF. Please keep me in your prayers. When I heard strange flesh… I start laughing πŸ˜‚. I'll tell you what. These strange fleshes are possessed with demonic powers. They are entities that one should not mess with. These demonic entities are πŸ’― worse than Irma.

  5. That was very interesting and definitely a reminder of what's really going on….. Can you tell me the name of the book you reading out of

  6. There are two books called the lesser and greater key of Solomon that mention 72 demons of which you mention a few. When I was questioning Christianity years ago I came across these two books but stopped short at buying it as it frightened the hell out of me. I will most certainly purchase Testament of Solomon.

    How is this connected to Testament of Solomon?

    Thank you for this video.

  7. You have a choice between what type of entities (spirits) will occupy your consciousness. Negative and Positive entities (spirits) can not occupy the same space (the body). Rather we want to or not, we all are occupied by either/or. But it is a constant effort each day to keep out the negative entities and admonish them when these thoughts of confusion enters your mind or your home. Thus, you give power to the positive entities to over take the negative and put to rest your consciousness as well as to bring calm to your environment. It's a daily battle within.

  8. Yes Solomon had a lust demon!!! His daddy David had the same problem…remember they threw a maiden in his bed when he died to make sure he was dead…

  9. Pastor Kay Boachie has an expertise in this too…he deals with Asmodeus in one of his books teaching us how to war effectively with prayer and fasting the against demonic powers.

  10. Based on the teachings that could actually happen in the demonic world because of evil altars that your ancestors have opened that are timed released to happen. Like the young man that was the living in the tombs…also that is how demons so easily move into people…..people don't cover themselves because they are unaware of pledges made by their ancestors that will affect them at sometime in their lives. Minister Kevin Ewing and Prophet Peter Spencer covers this topic scripturally in their teaching videos on Youtube and Facebook.

  11. I heard it said by a long ago aquaintance T.V. or television – tell lies visually: something to be said about a canine language, huh!

  12. Did you fix you're smoke alarm yet?? Can't concentrate on the WORD WITH ALL THE BACKGROUND NOISES! GONNA TRY ANOTHER LESSON THAT'S MORE PROFESIONAL. GOD BLESS!!

  13. the scripture from Isaiah "no weapon formed against us shall prosper and any tongue risen up in judgment against us IS WE as His children have the right to condemn because that is our heritage because our righteousness is in Yahshua. Please research this…it is US who condemns the tongue! The prob is we don't ask Yah to do things for us as He gave us the authority to do it.

  14. Love you guys and your teachings..shabbat shalom,but please see my comment below..also, I was in a great teaching which showed that "clapping is for men" not for is too common to worship Yah like the common clapping…see Pastor Keith Moore's teaching on this.

  15. That is why the book of Enoch was banned and remove from the scriptures. It made mention of some of these demons and some people where uncomfortable as it points to some certain group of people.

  16. Thats deep. YAH healed me for I can never forget what experiences I've been thru. YAH I pray to never be a reprobate. Shabbat Shalom

  17. The Pseudapigrapha is in Need of Being Clarified, for I Have Read that it Consist of Suppossed Falsely Attributed Works. – (According to The Google Resource) –

    Major Concern.


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