Operation Tidal Wave – America’s disastrous assault on Romania

Operation Tidal Wave – America’s disastrous assault on Romania in World War 2

By the commencement of the first world war, Germany had already become fairly reliant on Romanian oil. When World War 2 kicked off and the Germans eventually turned their sights against Russia, part of the motivation for such a decision was to ensure that Germany could maintain control of Romania’s oil as opposed to the Allies. Thus, while the Germans sent troops to guard the oil fields – particularly that of Ploiesti, which alone produced over 50% of Germany’s oil, the Allies planned to cut Germany off from its favorite “gas station”…

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  1. Thanks guys.
    This war documentary is very much inspiring.
    I enjoy your videos very much.
    Keep up the excellent 👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 work and detail.
    God bless you

  2. Nice presentation of WW2 Facts and yes .proud to be Romanian
    Thank you very much for the effort creating the content about a country that not too many knows but. it seam to become much more often talked-about in the recent years….don't know exactly the reason for that but,i hope is not a bad one.
    As a future topic probably can be about some Romanian IAR flying aces like Constantin "Bâzu" Cantacuzino,Alexandru Șerbănescu,Ion Milu and many others i think will be surprising even for you to know how much they've done on their little humble fighter with the C.Cantacuzino top on 54-56 victories

    Thank you for your effort and keep doing a great work,you good at it

  3. warmonger criminal Allies when failed to achieve their objectives , started bombing civilians . how many civilians were killed by these warmonger allies post ww2 ? millions were killed and considered collateral damage !!

  4. Very cool. My grandpa was working in a refinery in Ploiesti (Unirea I believe) and all our family lived in the Ploiesti region. Old people had very strong recollections of those air raids, with bombers flying at very low altitudes above their houses. My grandpa also remembers taking cover near an AA battery and the terrible noise and vibrations it made, essentially making him bounce up and down on the ground each time they fired. He also talked about one of his friends getting killed on the way to a shelter, but I don't know if this was during Tidal Wave (this was one of the most bombed places in the war).

  5. My grandpa was one of the soldiers in charge of a 38mm gun, shooting down at least 1(said engine burst into flames) and damaging others. Compared it to what in EN is "a turkey shoot". Lucky for him, and me, he was not sent to the Don bend, albeit I would not leave this comment. In his last couple of years, mind all murky, he walked around wearing all his medals and uniform, cane in hand, chatting about the war.

  6. After viena russian german pact the hungarians enter in north west and center of romania where the Luftwaffe build immediately an airfield where they bring war planes with what they controlled the air space of Romania.the next step was to put in place st bucuresti a puppet pro nazi pro german leaders with iron guard and ion antonescu in front. After the americans was demanding that ploiesti will become a republic the king was kicking out of the country the americans and British and give everything to the Germans .so before viena all the oilfields and oil industry in Romania was given to germans. This oil from romania and the oil from hungary was used by hitler to fight in ww2. They attack soviet union for more oil. the soviets and the americans was doing nothing until the war begin and more they help hitler

  7. After last info the Germans was detecting this wave of planes from Greece so they wait it for they prepared. Also first bombs in ploiesti was hitting the woman prisons and 100 plus womans was killed burned alive also a child girl of a rich man who put his own daughter in that prison just to give her a lesson

  8. Other battles in Romania Târgu frumos the soviet army is destroyed 1944, 23 august 1944 the german army is totally destroyed in Romania, battle for Transilvania where hungarian army is destroyed… welcome to my country


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