Our Ginkgo Biloba Tree & Honeysuckle – Healthy Finds on the Land

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Comment (22)

  1. Wow this land is so beautiful. What a nice experience to need to heal something in your body and YaH can simply direct you to go to your backyard.


  3. I was sitting on my back patio the other day talking to Yah about what he is doing in these times and wondering how our people will survive when he pours out his wrath. Especially being that most of our food is toxic for us…. He simply told me to look over into my back yard…. Your food is there. He has prompted me to research different trees, weeds etc… We have been conditioned to think that all this earth, i.e., grass, trees, flowers, weeds, etc., is only for the animal consumption when our true food is all around us. These things have been our food supply since the beginning….. Hallelujah!

  4. Oh My YAH the land is beautiful – I remember the honey sucked too from when I was a child (Georgia on my Mind)… You make me want to transfer my job and go home… I think I will do just that!

  5. Wow .. so awesome I love when you talk about the nature on your land.. didn’t know gingo was around here, I Like to purchase some gingo from you when u ready to sell it.. and the honey suckle a beautiful plant now u going to have me start more and more researching nature, please don’t stop talking about what Yah creates it’s good to hear.

  6. Very beneficial for memory and blood flow a herb for the body Shalawam and Yah definitely is the spirit of guildance a out standing power

  7. I would like a copy of you book about herbs I am trying to learn as much as I can. Trying to get of bp meds by using natural herbs

  8. Your property is lovely! YAH truly guided your family to that lovely property. I can relate to the honeysuckle as my grandmother in NY, had bushels on her property too. As children, we'd pick, suck/slurp and eat them as well, and they were delish! I pray you all have fun as u continue learning about the health benefits of both foliage. #naturalremediesallday 👍🏿

  9. Wow you have a Ginko Biloba tree!!! That is a blessing from TMH Yah!!!! Yessss, I love herbs and valuable it is!!!!


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