Our personal experience w/ G. Craig Lewis EX Ministries – Exposition of Hebrew lsraeIites

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The First Book of Adam and Eve….24:1-7

until shiloh com….Genesis 49:10

Emanuel…Matthew 1:23, Isaiah 7:14

born of thee shall be called the Son of God. Luke 1:35 (KJV)
Christ should be born ….Matt 2:4-6

Child is born…Isaiah 9:6
Thou madest him a little lower …Heb 2:5-9
I come: in the volume of the book…Psalms 40:6-8
a body hast thou prepared me…Heb 10:5-10

the word was yah John 1:1-3, 14

Philip have I been so long with you John 14:8-9

I and my father are one…John 10:30

fullness godhead…Colossians 2:9

the Almighty.
Rev 1:8 (KJV)
no savior besides me…Isaiah 45:21, Hosea 13:4, Isaiah 43:11

Before Abraham was, I am …John 8:58 (KJV)

Baptism in the name? Isaiah 63:1-6

Attributes…all powerful

God manifested in flesh…1 Timothy 3:16

Phil 2:10-11…every knee should bow
both Lord and Christ….Acts 2:36 (KJV)
God our Saviour ;…Titus 1:3 (KJV)

(Psalm 78:1–2)

(Matthew 13:34–35).

(Isaiah 6:9–10).

(Matthew 13:13–15).

Isaiah 8:14).

(1 Peter 2:7–8).

(Isaiah 35:5–6).

” (Matthew 11:2–6).

(Isaiah 40:3–4).

(John 1:23)

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Comment (38)

  1. Did God Appoint you to “tackle”the issue …. what issue? I mean you are just wasting time rambling….why not trust God to bring correction to the people who need it….do you need to promote more division? This is why our people can’t progress .You are presenting worthless, disgusting 💩BS . Do YOU and 🛑 stop throwing shade 😡😡
    Your message is laden with pride…..why not elevate Christ. By the way you are promoting gross error as well as strife and divisions. Please drop the mic’….. you sound like two childish haters….by the way you are dangerous as you are mixing error with a little truth


  3. My mom sis and dad and brother are all Hebrew israelites. No fruit. I see no change in their lives. Only knowledge. My sister is so angry hurt and judgmental that I barely even talk to her. The denied the holy spirit. I feel sorry for them. Yet here I am the "blind Christian" , able to show fruit, happily married, keep my house clean (that's shade) love my enemies and there is evidence of God in my life. My dad is also angry and judgmental. My moms and them are not hebrews. I'm about to buy an ancestry test.

  4. This whole argument between Israelites and Christians is truly sad. You guy's are completely missing the message Yahshua came to spread. "NO MAN COMES TO MY FATHER BUT BY ME ALONE!" Your focus should be him! And by him I'm talking about YAHSHUA!! GET TO KNOW HIM!!

  5. I'm so glad you made this video! I followed Pastor Craig for many years from the internet. It was because of his ministry that I came back to the fold (Christain years). So thankful to TMH for pulling me out of darkness and opening my eyes to understanding. I was very disappointed to see that video. We can only pray he sees his error.
    Hebrew Israelite in my home is explained as Hebrew because of the culture and Israelite because of the covenant. To each his own though. All praises!


  7. I pray all black Hebrew Israelites will come out of their false doctrines, in Jesus name! Jesus said "my sheep hear my voice". He also says, "For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father's, and of the holy angels." HI need to repent of not believing the words of Jesus, and come out of that false doctrine. In other words, you need to get saved. It's either holiness or hell.

  8. This doctrine y’all are teaching are making people twice a child of Hell this mess y’all teaching is all the way false and leading people srt8 to hell




  10. If u two no Christian then u a fellowship with satan you can't serve two masters either hate one are love the other there nothing u can't teach me if no Jesus including in your teaching Queen Mason that's me isn't including your saying i turn u two off in the name of Jesus cause my heart mind and soul belongs with my Lord and savior Jesus Christ that's the very reason the Lord Jesus spoken many of time when he was on earth he kept saying be not deceived be not deceived cause satan is a master mind of manipulation and deceive deception and satan in you two or doing that is devour the black community of men's and women's or whoever that watching your video's you two or so confused why even get involved with music u tell the people how satan manipulate the music but you two are hypocritical cause you two are doing the same thing but teaching and manipulating the people as well did the Bible says there's nothing new underneath the Sun and the Lord Jesus Christ was teaching about familiar spirits and familiar spirits in the music and false prophecy teaching see satan don't do nothing new so u two will know you guys are facing HELL and whoever following, listening and watching your video's and coming over to you all meetings what you saying about the music its true but u all doing the same thing in you all teaching do u know u all are very twisted in your heart the bible also said whatever in a man heart coming out his are her mouth and thats exactly what's you two are teaching and that's a hypocrite the bible also say judge by there fruit look the way you dressed like a black Muslim there no Jesus in you two i feel very sorry for u your family and the souls that u two stolen from the Lord Jesus Christ because u two manipulated and twist the word of God in the Bible all i can do is to praying in Jesus Name that the Lord will delivered your life and make it right with Jesus before you two lay down your life and close your eyes to death

  11. Your videos without praising Jesus is like drinking 2 bottles of Nyquil….knowlege and wearing beads, scarfs and growing beards wont get you in the gates…….you got a new subscriber to the dislike button…..

  12. Great example of how we have some groups of people within an ideology will have a stereotype and judgment of the entire belief. We have the KkK Christians, the slave owner Christians, and Hitler claimed Christian. So would that not tarnish Christianity if we are looking at individuals rather than whole group. Because we are judging Christians whom I’ve came across many as extremely judgmental. Yes there are hypocrites. And that’s like also judging the entire black community because there are some certain groups of people who shames our people but we can disassociate if it’s not the same mannerism as we. I myself am disgusted by some of black peoples behavior as well as the acts of all people of all nations. I am appalled and disappointed when I see the “black Hebrew Israelites “ on the streets teaching people damnation because they are gentiles instead of that the gospel is open for all through Jesus. Or that they sometimes look ignorant in demeanor or stuck on first testament and covenants that’s already been broken only Deuteronomy and not representing well with all the facts. I don’t agree with being called “black” Israelites because I believe we are Israelites by blood and heritage and that we do still need to know the history and agenda and really to understand the Bible thoroughly because I was brought closer to Christ in learning and bible made sense to me more after inserting the real people. And if Pastor G Craige Lewis wants to refute black peoples as Israelites based off behavior, why not address who claims to be Jews that provides no facts to their heritage as well and are the most Satanic serpent people possibly Khazars as their own has referred to them who runs this music industry he always ranting about, the hidden hand, that also runs movies, porn, and federal reserved banks. I don’t disagree what he says about music in truth about hip hop but he is always attacking the artists and not the Jews who are behind it and pushing agendas through as puppets. Most of them don’t even know what they got themselves into, they just see financial gain. And likely just don’t know the word of God. And I admired Pastor G Craige Lewis in past and attended several Truth behind hip hops seminars but the more I listened the more I realized he mainly convicts more than uplifts his people and don’t get down to the root of it all. Like Pastor Stephen
    Darby who was amazing at what he teaches and in a personal message where I asked him what he thinks of Pastor Darby, he just replied it’s “ a dangerous mixture of truth and false black Hebrew Israelite” doctrine and how he believes Pastor Darby copies his doctrines. But to be honest Pastor Darby teaches like no other and I feel it in my spirit his teachings really got me saved and changed my whole life and perspective as well many others I know brought closer to God. He has way more substance in his teachings. Pastor Darby even believed that Pastor G Craige Lewis while does speak truth rode that title to the wheels fall off and still at it. He don’t touch on enough nor does he say anything convincing enough to refute the claims.

  13. Is being a Hebrew Israelite really a good thing? God Himself, and thru His prophets have blasted them from Moses all the way to Jesus. Jesus was not blasting the Gentile nations, actually at one place He said that they would fair better in the judgment than the hypocritical Jews.

    He also mentioned that He could raise up children to Abraham from a rock. Jesus said in many ways that genetic/ blood connection or trying to IDENTIFY in Abraham was no boasting point or a place to be inordinately preoccupied.

    Messiah Yeshua is our identity. It's not about us, but about Him.

  14. And Agrippa said to Paul, “In a short time would you persuade me to be a Christian?”
    (Acts 26:28 ESVi)

    Christian is a biblical term. It is one of a few designations of those who follow Christ Jesus. Seems like you guys were saved out of church inanity as opposed to Christianity?

  15. Ive learned a lot from G Craig Lewis.. he is so awesome and I also learn a lot from you guys as well. I don’t understand everything but I can say I’ve learned some things for watching your channel. I don’t see where G Craig Lewis teaching incorrect, I wish you would have played his video and made points as you went along. The way you done it I really didn’t get your point about him.

  16. only the holy spirit can guide us to the truth not research the lord I serve can not make known to man his ways through mans way let us devote ourself to the bible and ask of the holy spirit to guide us some people are used to gloryfying man instead of JAH HIS TRUE NAME PSALM 68;4

  17. "Yah yahweh jehovah are ALL names of SATAN. TMH name is giving in (Exodus3:14-15) "I AM" is his name. "AHAYAH" in Hebrew.

  18. There are not many arms to Christianity not at all. You are right you cannot lump True Believers into what others call themselves. Scripture is clear " there is one Lord, one Faith….."

  19. What I would like to add is this. There is absolutely NO people of GOD according to any flesh. When GOD chose Israel in the beginning that was and is the only time flesh was is considered. Romans 2:28-29 clearly states that there is now no Israelite after the flesh. Yes; after the flesh the Children of GOD are people led by His Holy Spirit and are Born of His Spirit. Finally for whatever research you've done you are deceived concerning this matter. Jesus said this " that which Born of the flesh is flesh, that which is Born of the Spirit is spirit." So GOD claims NO physical people at all.

  20. For you to make a whole one hour video against him clearly means he did really touch a nerve. Yeshuah could have been black and black people in America and Africa could be the true Israelites but that don't mean anything if you don't accept him as your savior. Something that you should be emphasising if you're not biased on your teachings or biblical interpretation.

  21. Can someone tell me what city the Watchman Report is located I want to come to one of their assemblies to be Re Baptized .

  22. Add the Book of Mormon to your teaching it is our booke that protected by the gentiles until the Most High was ready for us to get it.

  23. What is the reason behind not identifying as Christian when 1 Peter 4.16 states that if anyone suffers as a Christian he shouldn't be ashamed, but rather let him glorify God. I get that some misrepresent what it's supposed to be but still


  25. TRUE Christianity has only ONE branch. JESUS. If a person chooses another way… they are NOT a Christian, because no one can be a Christian without all of JESUS CHRIST!

    John 14:6 King James Version (KJV)

    6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  26. Rather I agree with what you are saying I do appreciate your manners and tone in which you are delivering your message. And you are absolutely right when you state no one should lump everyone in a certain belief are the same. I am a Christian but I believe and appreciate your statements. I truly believe also doing my research. Thank you for your presentation in this video. You are right not everyone in the same belief believe in the same things even Christians.

  27. You said you left Christianity over 30 years ago. And you also said you was a Christian when true verse hip-hop came out…. true verse hip hop came out about 15 or 16 years ago…. your timeline and story does not add up

  28. Wait a minute y’all ministries? 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 let your women keep silence in the churches for it is not permitted unto them to speak


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