Pagan Holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter

Pagan Holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter

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  1. Every time someone says merry Christmas, they're really saying
    MASS means DEATH not BIRTH!

  2. I remember when me and my family celebrate these holidays, and we just didn't know that these holidays was pagan holidays, Christmas was my favorite holiday, I love the christmas songs, like Nat King Cole, Cece Winan etc. I am glade me and my kids found out, that these holidays was pagan, holidays. I have a book call (Occult Holidays or Yah Holy Days-which) this is the name of the book.

  3. where did you come across the information on the christmas tree origin? I can only find articles about Germans in the 1500's bring it into the americas 

  4. What is the name of the movie mentioned toward the end of this video that speaks about JC and Yehoshua (I hope I spelled it correctly). Thanks in advance :).

  5. Hadassa was the only queen of Israelites (Esther)that I recall in the bible that I have which will make sense why is pagan, we better kill this flesh and follow yahusha ha messiah example people so that we may see Yahwah follow the messiah he is the way to the father hallelu yah

  6. Bottom line black, white red, who is on top. Black people are worried about a holiday and the n word. What about the real E word changing the truth about blacks discoveries protest and march not educating your youth. Caring what the white man thinks
    Face the truth you will never ever conquer because of your wasted time on BS. White folks will never care what you think because you care what we think. You believe the hype out of wedlock, cursing is a sin, this is a sin that is a sin. Trust me white folks don't care what you think National Holiday get over it. So keep marching and dividing yourselves among each other you think you can enlighten us never happen. I got a holiday national black men love white women day.

  7. truth, all truth, that's why people who read bible know it:) In Prophecies of old testimony in Bible it is warning to not worship a christmas tree….read the Bible, theres a truth. In Bible is written to worship God and only God, 

  8. When my wife and I was in Christianity the "church" we attended celebrated Halloween but they called it Hallelujah Fest.  Halloween is a day that no believer in Yah should be honoring.

  9. Listen, there are two things that seriously concern me about this.

    1.You don't have your facts right.
    2.You are slurring non-monotheistic religions.

    Pagan traditions didn't get added to christian holidays by "evil heathens". The early christian missionaries to Europe did this to stop the pagans from celebrating their old traditions. In the same vein, they demolished the pagan holy places and built churches on top so the pagans couldn't worship there anymore without visiting the church.

    Pagans don't want other faiths using pagan holidays! So please stop insinuating that pagans are somehow trying to trick you!

    Many of your "facts" about these holidays are also wrong; more urban legend than verifiable history.

    To my second point:
    Just because someone has a different religion than you, it doesn't mean you get to call them or their gods evil.

    I am a Celtic Reconstructionist (a type of pagan, just as you are a type of monotheist). I do not worship the gods of every culture (please try not to mash religions together; can you imagine mashing together Judaism and Islam?), and I certainly don't worship YOUR devil. I celebrate Samhain (Halloween) NOT "Devil's Day".

    Please be sensitive to other faiths. Be careful of making your world view so narrow that everything different becomes wrong.

    Thank you.


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