Pak PM Shehbaz Sharif on day-long visit to UAE, seeks OIC's diplomatic assistance on Kashmir | WION

After wrapping the 3-day official visit to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is in UAE for a day-long visit. He will meet the crown prince of Abu Dhabi. Before his UAE visit, Pak PM in a separate meeting met the Secretary General of OIC in Mecca and raised the issue of Kashmir


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Comment (35)

  1. Why cant they leave KASHMIR alone?? They have lots of internal disputes within their country. JUST LEAVE INDIA alone.

  2. Upcoming Chief guests at OIC meeting after WangYi😁 :
    Dominic Tarczynski😝 and then
    Benjamin Netenyahu😘

  3. @Kavitha Immanuel  I very very very very happy in have brother in Christ like you  ❤ I proud of you 👏 🥰 and be sure you and your family and all human beings are my prayers. We all need Jesus Christ 🙏 and nothing more.
    Immanuel: imagine that the world just do one thing that Our Lord Jesus Christ 🙏 🙌 commanded us to Do?.
    Love your Enemies, pray for them.
    Do unto others as you would love them do unto you.
    Please my Big brother Immanuel, 🙏 tell me if there would be need for Allah and his Profit Mohammad to even exist?.
    Tell me,  if there would any need for Nuclear Bombs?.
    Tell me if Putin would be Bombing Ukraines?.
    Tell me  if Muslims would be a permanent UN Refugees and internal displaced people  I'd card holders?..
    Tell me if there would be for Muslims to permanent committees of beggars?.
    My dearest brothers ❤, I have been seeking for this Answers all my life.

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  4. This so called idiot of Pakistan chor shabaz shariff should know that Kashmir is a closed chapter and only PoK needs to be vacated for any meaningful dialogues.

  5. Vedic Hinduism invented: zero ,atlest 2000 maths formula ,USB ,Email, chess ,surgery, buddism ,and many more

    Le buddism : we invented begging 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. OIC earlier visited POK in spite of Indias vehement objections .Islamic bond especislly Suni is stronger than economic which we hv with UAE Pak will be given money albeit with false anger from UAE Saudi side .

  7. Oh my GOD ! Pakistan is mad and keeps on bleating Kashmir. Irony us that it's all a false cry to woo Islamic nations. It means Pakistan is still are on the road to destruction

  8. This visit of Pakistani Prime Minister is only for begging MONEY MONEY and MONEY but PM suppose to return with EMPTY BOWL and will visit another Arab Country to country with the SAME BOWL till it filled with ALMS.

  9. Now a days no Arab Country has faith on the honesty of Pakistani labours and stopped recruiting Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Few other Muslim Countries due to….!!!

  10. Imran Khan is no longer Best Begging Champion?

    BlessUp INDIA 🇮🇳 and Wion StaySafe

  11. Then OIC will handover Kashmir to Pakistan . This is very childish behavior of Pakistan Prime minister .


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