Pak Political Crisis: 'If justice is failing then the court cannot remain silent,' says Pak SC

Pakistan’s Supreme Court is hearing the crucial case on objection of the no-confidence motion by the national assembly deputy speaker and the dissolution of the assembly. In a recent update, Pakistan counsel said if court fails, matter will go to people.

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Comment (18)

  1. when the mighty brave halal islamic lion Khan roars like a King from his rooftop, the judges tremble with fear

  2. Bangladesh 🇧🇩♥️
    Don't be afraid of the wind blowing dry leaves, because the wind has come to lift you up from the ground.
    Human life is more dramatic than drama
    Not everyone can fight in the end. Some are defeated; No one accepts defeat. Some leave the hull and stand silently. Again some bow their heads to the glamor of beautiful life and deceive themselves invisible.
    Those who win the war in the end or lose by straightening their spines do not bow their heads anywhere. Life is basically theirs. Trying, hard work is the key to success.
    Love for Imran Khan, Imran Khan Zindabad ️♥️

  3. Bajwa to Imran : ye sarkar main chala leta hun, tu jaake DREAM 11 pe team bana.

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  8. Keep Imran Khan in office & change the history of pakistan of no PM ever finishing a term….. Do this as a practice of how to stick with 1 thing till its done.

  9. What a true decision by chief justice umar bandyal against liar, ego worshiper and dictator Imran Niazi.


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