Pakistan PM Imran Khan pulls all the stops to retain power amid a political crisis | English News

Amid the ongoing political crisis in Pakistan and PM Imran Khan facing a no-confidence motion in the parliament, Imran Khan’s party issued a whip to all its lawmakers.

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Comment (48)

  1. It seems Bilaval will commit suicide if he can't climb the PM seat. He is so desparate and shamless for that.

  2. I think military comes there again and same corruption continues as usual.. IK was much better option to them.. But his words against US costs this much to imran.

  3. Very sad news for India, Talibani Khan considered as a boon for India. He is a great Pakistani Pappu. 🤪🤪🤪😜😜😝😝😫😫😝😝😆😆🤪🤪😭😭

  4. 😆 judging by the way indians comment on Pm Imran Khan, it's clear that he is the perfect choice for Pakistan. Pakistan's economy has greatly improved during his rule and he is taking the country on the right track. He is going to defeat the no confidence motion as always and win the next election inshallah.

  5. Clearly American interference in Pakistan politics Indian you don't be happy so much they looks to you same eyes just say no to then you see results

  6. The opposition accuses Imran Khan of mismanaging the economy and foreign policy. Isn’t part of the problem the fact that the IMF has not yet decided on the release of a $6bn rescue package to shore up dwindling foreign currency reserves which may be used as a leverage on whether Imran Khan succeeds in the no confidence vote and due to Imran Khan’s pledge to fight corruption amongst the elite and politicians in Pakistan? After all, the US (and allies) were not too happy about the fact that Pakistan abstained from voting in the UN General Assembly in reprimanding Russia for invading Ukraine or because Imran Khan refused to call for sanctions against Russia (a similar position taken by Turkey). Also they may have felt threatened when Imran Khan in a recent OIC conference called for Islamic nations to unite and stressed the division amongst Muslim nations of 1.5 billion people has failed the Palestinians and the people of Kashmir and Muslims suffering in countries in other parts of the world and urged Islamic nations and China to mediate in the Ukraine war warning that the war could have great consequences for the world. Doesn’t the US (and its allies) thrive from disunity and corruption amongst Muslim governments and therefore it would be in their interest to get rid off strong and honest Muslim leaders like Imran Khan and replace him with a puppet who they can control?

    As I understand it the IMF is a western tool for strong arming countries into doing what it wants as oppose to what’s best for the home nation. The question remains what gives the IMF the right or authority to decide which country gets funding or not and in return have a stake in the country which it gives funding to?

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  8. If it is shown that National Assembly members have taken bribes from a foreign power to overthrow the government, then that is TREASON! Such members must be arrested and imprisoned and not allowed to vote! The traitors must have ALL their wealth confiscated and face the death penalty!
    Khan must be ruthless and root out such blatant greed and corruption which is endemic in Pakistan. If bribe-taking Army Generals stage a putsch on behalf of the TRAITORS, then all Pakistanis must rise up and attack and destroy the putschists, even if it means fighting tanks with their bare hands!

  9. Selectors do not let Imran go, he is indias most powerful weapon in pak. what will he do with the the paper he waved in his rally.

  10. These foreign puppets mullahs and corrupt politicians will not succeed to eliminate an honest and breve leader. Imran will come back with full power.

  11. What kind of democrati is pakistan? The leader's of the political parties goes from father to son or doughter. that's not good at all..they better stop with this bs! to mutch corruption in pakistan that's why no parties have governed the full 5 years term.

  12. الیاس خان
    جب تحریک عدم اعتماد کو لیکر پاکستان کے خلاف بیرونی سازش بے نقاب ہوگئی تو سازش کا بنیادی جز عدم اعتماد کی تحریک کو اسمبلی سے اٹھا کر باہر کیوں نہیں پھینکا جاتا ؟؟؟
    کیا پاکستان بنانا ریپبلک ملک ہے جو ایسا نہیں کیا گیا

    امریکہ نے وزیراعظم زلفقار علی بھٹو کی طرح پاکستان کی وزارت خارجہ کو وزیراعظم عمران خان کے لئے خط (مراسلہ) بھیجا
    جس میں دو باتیں بنیادی ہیں
    نمبر 1 وزیراعظم کے خلاف عدم اعتماد پیش کی جائے گی
    نمبر 2 اگر عدم اعتماد ناکام ہوئی تو خمیازہ بھگتنا پڑے گا
    اور امریکی خط موصول ہونے کے اگلے ہی دن امریکہ کے ایجنڈے پر عمل کرتے ہوئے پاکستان کے کچھ سیاست دانوں نے عدم اعتماد کی تحریک پیش کردی ؟
    یعنی امریکی خط کی پہلی شق پر عملدرآمد شروع کردیا گیا ؟
    پاکستان کے خلاف کچھ دانستہ استعمال ہونے والے اور کچھ نادانستہ استعمال ہونے والے سیاستدانوں مولویوں کے چہرے بے نقاب ہوئے ؟
    مگر کیا پاکستان بنانا ریپبلک ملک ہے جو عدم اعتماد کی بیرونی سازش پکڑی جانے کے باوجود عدم اعتماد کی تحریک کو اٹھا کر اسمبلی سے باہر کیوں نہیں پھینکا گیا ؟؟؟
    کیا غدار اور ڈالروں میں بکاؤ سیاستدانوں مولویوں صحافیوں کے شور شرابہ پر امریکہ کی دونوں باتوں پر عمل درآمد کراؤ گے
    اگر آج ان دونوں باتوں کو نہیں روکا گیا تو مزید آنے والی تیسری شق ایٹمی پروگرام رول بیک کروا لینا ؟
    زرداری اور نواز شریف نے میمو گیٹ اسکینڈل اور ڈان لیگ اسکینڈل کے زریعے فوج کے خلاف امریکہ سے مدد مانگی اور مولانا فضل الرحمان نے امریکہ سے کہا مجھے پاکستان کا وزیراعظم بنا دو جو آپ کہیں گے میں کروں گا ؟؟؟۔۔۔

  13. I tried to (👍) like this video more than ten times but it gets unliked again. This has happened in the past too. Note that I am connected to Wi-Fi and my 4G signal is also full. and finally, after a lot of effort the Like option has been applied now.

  14. Pakistanis should steadfastly stick to IK, the most honest since Quadi Azam. The corrupt clan A.K.A opposition is furious that they cannot ransack the nation's coffers under his watch!

  15. No body can removed PK PM IMRAN KHAN INSHAALLAH INSHAALLAH INSHAALLAH. Allah is with Imran Khan. Those who are against Imran Khan, they are Indian R=A=W AGENT GOPTTOCHOR, immediately arrested them and bring them to the pk court. Think it?~

    Those who are against IMRAN KHAN they are Indian R=A=W agent gopttochor. Immediately arrested them and bring them all to the pl court.


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