Pakistan Political crisis: Embattled Imran Khan cries western plot | Latest World News | WION

It is the final showdown in Pakistan and in his address to the nation Imran Khan ruled out his resignation; captain Khan says he will fight till the last ball.

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Comment (36)

  1. Imranji if you don't have majority bhaya go. Muddy is greatest democracy making war on Ukraine. Putin is with him

  2. Ban the opposition
    cause they were link to corrupt, collusion and nepotism.

    Do the Selensky thingy ( letter Z is banned )

  3. He is very emotional probably crying inside for loosing his power. Hope he will not end up in military jail

  4. The problem in Pakistan is a country for army.
    A Country should have an army but a country should not be for an Army. This is biggest difference between India and Pakistan..

  5. The irate cd preferentially admire because colony repressingly list anenst a obese security. barbarous, clear glider

  6. If you go india will miss you
    While you were their india did not need to do anything
    You did it for us
    Imran Khan zindabad
    Please keep him

  7. Just stand tall as there's nothing to fear.
    The more you fear, the more these bunch of traitors would succeed in making you fall.

  8. 🔥Proverbs, Ch. 1, Vs. 33🔥

    But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.

    Praise God Almighty!

  9. Lol … he's a warior. If you think you know him, you don't. But luckily you played the best part of his interview, where he stands on high moral ground as always. Something poeple who believe in material things like number game etc would never understand.

  10. Imran Khan Cricket world cup winner
    It is not Cricket match to rule Terror state Pakistan
    First of try to understand that Terrorists out fit state is ruled buy Coward Army was puppet to America Now trying to be puppet to China .it is only to loot Pakistan poor PEOPLE wealth in the name of Islam. FOOLISH MULLAHS WANTS TO RULE PAKISTAN WITHOUT DOING ANY WORK. THE SLOGAN IS
    Time will decide the existence of Terror state Maximum before 2047 it will be divided into 4 proverty driven countries
    Bharat Mata ki Jai
    Akhand Bharath Mata ki Jai

  11. It's all about me n my Cricketing days
    Paxtan best entertainer Im the Dim will also be missed in India
    His joker n brother Sidhu is already in the kennel having lost his voice n will be followed by Im the Dim

  12. Am very very sorry for Imran. Toothless fellow as Pakistan prime minister is in the best interest for India & Imran Khan is the best fit for the chair.

    I hope & pray that he will win the confidence motion.

  13. In last three years after assuming office he has been licking soles of western leaders. Now on the last Ball he is blaming US throwing bouncer to kill him. Liar.

  14. INDIA SHOULD Settle NAWAZ SHAREEF & co AND ASIF ZARDARI & co in INDIA 🇮🇳 IF they are INDIA'S favorites AND make THEM INDIAN PM and PRESIDENT… SOON INDIAN will know what they are! 🤔 😕 👈

  15. proof of Foreign threat has been confirmed in the pak security council. Honest leaders like imran khan are not born that often but chaiwala leaders are in abundance.


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