Pakistan Political Crisis: Imran Khan to remain PM till caretaker PM appointed | WION

Pakistan President announces that Imran Khan will remain the PM of the nation till a caretaker PM is appointed under Article 224 A(4) of the constitution.

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Comment (21)

  1. So when you are in a dark place, blame the USA. I see! When will the letter be shown to the public. When will the phone conversations be made clear? See I don’t believe him!

    This is a China Russia playbook. Blame the USA for all our wrong doings 😒

  2. It means that the speaker of Pak parliamentarian has supreme power. He can rule out every where as he wishes like or dislike.🤗🤗

  3. Interesting developments on this side of the world.

    Let's hope Pakistan manages to keep its sovereignty and come out stronger on the other side.

  4. Curious that even WION doesn't find it pertinent to get govt's point of view. Its so obvious Imran Khan government is in the right. He has done everything in accordance with Pak constitution. Its sad that a wonderful political development is not being studied and shared.

    5.30 – 'experts' say PTI has stifling democracy ? ha ha ! by calling for elections in a few months? Come on WION. Expect more honesty from you.

    Imran Khan has come up with a master stroke. Felling opposition, foreign hand, and military with a wonderful bouncer. Well done.

  5. Honorable SC of Pak recognising Article 68 & 69 on the independence of the National Assembly, taking cognizance on the proceedings & rulings in Parliament has done the right thing. Supremacy of people & civilian government should be enshrined & duly protected.

  6. thats the reason why most of other countries are making fun of pakistan due to its constitutional provisions…the appointee must be from the judicial department which is the supreme court and not from the stupid opposition or any other parties…

  7. General Bhazwa hurraha… You are gentle man. First time Pakistan has a decent General not an opportunist to take over Pakistan under military rule.


  8. Inviting Gul Bukhari to comment on the current political situation in Pakistan is in itself a joke to say the least. She is no one to know what is going on. The opposition went to Supreme Court with their complaint that Imran Khan has asked and the President dissolved the National Assembly and called for early elections. The opposition should be happy to go for early elections, rather they are in Supreme Court to protest this. We have to see what the court decides. The care taker Government will have to be installed and a new Caretaker Prime Minister will have to be appointed with consultation between PTI and Leadership of the opposition. For information of Wion and Gul Bukhari, Imran Khan will emery victorious and that is why now opposition is running away from early election.


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