Pakistan Political Crisis Live Updates: Voting on no-confidence motion concludes | English News

Pakistan’s political crisis is reaching its climax. After several delays, the voting on the no-confidence motion has concluded.

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Comment (28)

  1. Now Imran katora Taliban khan will face the same music he played for Nawaz Sharif 😂😂😂 foreign funding case and he will have to flee too 😂😂

  2. Imran khan gone to Russia to beg for some money but his fate sucked and conflict started… He came back empty handed..
    Claiming we had an independent foreign policy . We don’t follow USA’s orders. I didn’t get that man… weed which you took at 7PM worked too much I guess…🤣

  3. All we can really talk about is…Pakistan. Everything else is censored. Or…ignored. The world is One. Yea……..Right.

  4. Another REGIME CHANGE orchestrated by The United States of BABYLON. Khan wasn't "US-friendly" enough for the DEEP STATE in Washington DC. The new PM will be a US-friendly Puppet.
    WE'VE ALL SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE…Haiti, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, et al.

  5. Right man for the right job… A cricketer is best for cricket and A comedian is good for comedy shows… Its good for Pakistan that Imran accepted defeat but the rush shown by SC was surprising and questionable… Zelensky must think about his people and leave the country to save millions of lives.

  6. I have a Message for all Pakistanis: Please go out there and express yourself! Take your Molotov’s and Kalashnikovs(if you have them), and protest against the opposition and military.

  7. US played this one well, when Khan expressed non-alignment to US interests they’re quick to act… this shows how deep the US influence inside Pak political system. Good luck

  8. Pakistan people should bring someone who will be good with India. It, will be good for both. After all the people have almost same culture except some religious difference.

  9. Waking up from a car accident with a wart! That I don't have anymore after crazy freaking painful treatments!

  10. And now I'm crippled fantasizing in my home crippled for over 10 years unable 2 work bcuz they used doctors to poison me on purpose and told me they would do so b4 crippling me worse and worse.. fantasizing like I know this evil government has the cure to my body and how malia! Could save me with there hidden medicines as they would taught me in mental hospitals about medicines they have that hidden in the governments. Then I remember her lol oh my! Sooo there's a malia No one knows about lol and lucifur justin Scott bergnes wants to tell everybody :p

  11. At least he got out alive at least for now. He needs to get him and his family out before the lynch mobs come.

  12. Only a very strict military dictator can rule Pakistan, it is to fractured with too many armed factions for any type of democracy. Who ever takes over next will just use the power to enrich his friends and family.

  13. Pakistan brilliantly jumped from fire pan to fire. This will not change anything. Best course should have been to hold fresh elections rather than replacing one puppet by another. This is jugad politics at its best with an umpire.


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