Pakistan political crisis: Oppn has right to place motion, we have right to defend, says FM Qureshi

In a recent update on Pakistan’s political crisis, FM Qureshi has started addressing the parliament and said opposition has right to place motion, we have right to defend.

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  1. George Soros, Israel and Zelenski are responsible for the suffering of the Ukrainian people. Israel has no place to build nuclear and bio weapons, so it started in Ukraine. The US president has a big role to play in this. Russia sniffed at this and examined the whole of Ukraine, which is why Russia said it was not a war.
    This may also be the reason for the expulsion of the Palestinian people today, and now that Israel has acquired a new island, all of these factors are intertwined.

  2. >china starts covid 19

    >ruins everyone's lifes

    >tries starting ww3

    >keeps on lying to the world

    >will never come out of its years of humiliation

  3. they have nukes, so they easily can defeat the no-confidence motion.
    perhaps Mr. Khan is fighting till the end because of this

  4. America is thosands of kms away from Pakistan and still playing football with the whole nation of pakistan. As a neighbor I am sad for the people of pakistan. Don't stand divided. Push foreign viruses out of your country.

  5. इसकी आवाज नही निकल रही.
    इंतजार करो ७२ हुरे आ रहे है

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  9. Where foreign countries can buy a big group of parlement members; is the ultimate corrupt country!!


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