Pakistan's economic challenges multiply: IMF's $6 Billion bailout to Pakistan on hold | English News

Pakistan’s economic challenges have multiplied after IMF’s $6 Billion bailout to Pakistan was put on hold. IMF now says that it will engage with the new government.

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  3. Pakistan will abuse west and also want special treatments, benifits and go to western financial institutions to ask loans , no shame.

  4. " now only I believe in God and starts praying early morning, sri lanka , Pakistan, & India, are murderers "

  5. Let's not be fooled by the dirty US & WEST .They shall for ever protect dirty pak to keep terror activities alive in my MOTHERLAND . If ever a person like me take the reins of my MOTHERLAND . I shall destroy mecca , madina & Rome to dust .

  6. Is IMF daft?
    Or r they simply ignoring all the signs?
    Another bail out package..for the minorities to suffer and fuel the terrorists even more and again India will be left to deal with their sh*t!

  7. Pakistanis and Srilankan citizens are both suffering. Pakistan still have a chance to save itself whereas srilankan is going through a huge depression. These countries might end up like Argentina and Lebanon. I know Indians are not a fan of Pakistan cause of their history together but as a guy who have been to both these countries and made some friends especially in srilanka this breaks my heart. Hope better reforms and not corrupt governments take over. Though I am sad to say it might never happen in this decade

  8. this is where you see there WAS foreign interference , its like Hungary etc.. its so obvious lol .. The bullies are unleashed.

  9. If pakistanis can sell their mothers for dollars they can definitely change prime minister for 6 billion dollars.

  10. Bisa menandingin ekonomi india jika pakistan mengambil semua kekuatan ekonomi minyak,haji,gas,sumber tambang kurma,semua dagang arab bisa di kuasai ekonomi nya pakistan bakal maju derasti bakal jadi kuat bila eropa dan as pasti melirik ekonomi pakistan yang maju di dunia

  11. Wake up Call,
    I call to all, Who make profit and benefit from all these Wars in the new Millennium:
    Mostly Global Bank Cartels, Stocks Market Speculator of the Energy, Military hard ware productions group and organisation,
    The Banking Cartel, Zion Arms and drugs Mafia,
    Who is,the powerful secret organisation in the world & the New world order distraction machinery?
    Black Hand 1901 by Serbian hashshashin 11 century Ismaeili in Syria ordon temlo Orient 1999 Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn, William Robert free Mason Satanic, Knights Templar, Order of the Solar Templar 1984 in Switzerland, Bilderberg Group 1954 in Netherlands, Skull and Bones, Political Elite. Illuminati 1776 Bavaria manipulating Government world wide. Banking rosicrucians, Thule Society, 1935 Freemason New world order 1717, Bohemian Grove, illuminate Rothschild's Coat of Arms, Vatican, Committee 300. European Black Nobility family, Russian Holly Family, Chinese – Asian families & secret societies.
    I call to UN United Nation & Global leading leaders for disarmament of all Mass destruction Nuclear – EMP, Hydrogen Bomb, Biological, Bacteriology, Microbiology, Microwave, Laser, chemical Weapon-RFID, Microchip, Drone weapons,
    (Do not End our Civilization)
    Who can Stop the Wars making Peace?
    The same warmonger Elite.
    Who are Financing for regime Changes?
    The Banking Cartels printing hard currencies out of the governments control,
    Who is putting presidents and politicians using overnment Military & resources for thiere on benefit?
    The Zion Illuminati, RTS Organisation, monopolising and corrupting governments,
    Who and why the United States & the European allied Bombed and Destroyed, Countries Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen….
    No one is asking for compensation nor punishment or War Crime, they stealing the wealth and Banks accounts, to bring Democracy,
    Why Ukraine is a matter?
    Who is the new Political figures Power that receiving order?
    Assuming are Ben, Ordugan, Boris Johnson, Macron, Imran Khan, Ashraf Gani, Voladimir Selensky, Juan Guaidó, the Taliban, ISIS, and so on.
    Who control the Media Agencies?
    The same group and organisation who control the Politics,
    Where the mostly taxpayer money used for human distraction in Military hardware, corruption, and the parties government elected systems.
    I call to all, it is the time to spend our Taxpayer money for Better EDUCATIONS, Universal Poverty, communication, Transportation, Housing, Agriculture, Clean Energy, Hospitals, Water systems, food production without virus to make the world better place for everyone.
    We have to learn to self-government, free from party's mafia Systems.
    We say yes, for better education is the only solutions for all our problems.
    We say No to Military, No to corruption, No to Government parties systems.
    This is my opinion.
    Yawar Ali 03 March 2022 Skype, Yawar_ali1

  12. Just let this failed state collapse, no more bailouts for their shit management and army rule on everyone else's dime.

  13. Pakistan is closer to srilanka in terms of downfall ! Happy fall my dear Pakistani brothers , I wish everyone could go to Allah after your country's inflation touches 20 percent on global scale ⚖️ Allah can award you jannat thereafter

  14. If any one observe in detailed
    Both countries who took loans from china that is srilanka and pakisthan are in crisis economically
    That's how Chinese play games with other countries to came out as supreme power

  15. Poor Pakistan… CIA controls your military and pays your generals cash… at least we your government run itself with your puppet military being controlled by the USA.

  16. Apply to GOVINDA BANK PVT LTD 😂did you guys know that Bangladesh gave sri lanka 150 million usd loan. Can you beat that? Maybe Pakistan should be asking Bangladesh for help?

  17. IMF, UN, WB, UN, ICC, Bigtech, West Journalism, West medias, etc are just tools by West US to control the World!😆🤣😂👍

  18. Pak govt again fooled america, took loans from america and also abused america for regime change in pakistan 😂😂😂😂 past 70 years same story but america will never learn any lesson 😂😂😂

  19. India will soon be in the list if it doesn't stop freebies before and after elections.
    Election commission should be empowered to disqualify the political party which has the freebies on their manifesto.


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