The Book of Jubilees presentS the history of the division of the days of the Law, of the events of the years, the year-weeks, and the jubilees of the world as revealed to Moses (in addition to the Torah or “Instruction”) by angels while he was on Mount Sinai for forty days and forty nights.
The chronology given in Jubilees is based on multiples of seven; the jubilees are periods of 49 years (seven “year-weeks”), into which all of time has been divided.

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  1. Well, for the purpose of clarity, in the first set of images none of images are considered to be idolatry. Idolatry deals with a heart condition that is implied by the treatment of said item. For instance: if you have learned how to read Hebrew you would know that ALL of the symbols that are depicted as the individual person, place or thing as the phonic device that aids in pronouncing the specific character of the Hebrew "AlehBet". These symbols are nothing more than a learning AID for learning of the Hebrew script and language. But, if you put that book up in your most sacred room and burn incense and sacrifice chickens to it, then yeah, you are practicing idolatry. So, this is my answer. Does it make sense?
    Anyways, about the issue of those "cursres of The Most High" upon the children of Israel (particularly the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and I think Levi), I am wondering about whether or not we are really under those curses or rather that our fire fathers were being persecuted by Satan for our righteousness sake in union with Ha Messhiah? I know that in the Times of the Messhiah there were a lot of "Jews" who did accept the Messhiah and were subsequently tortured, beaten, enslaved and even killed for their alignment with Yeshuah. And even Yeshuah had said that this would be the peculiar sign of who his true followers were. Now, we already know that there were a multitude of times that our ancestors may have been documented as doing these things, but at the time of the Spanish inquisition and the trans Atlantic slave trade were written down in that time as been following the laws of Moshe. And as I recall Yeshuah himself said that if he was beaten, tortured, enslaved, and murdered, that his followers would be persecuted as well.
    But, I am not able to prove this, but it appears that almost all of the black Jews from the times of Yeshuah all of the way down to the times of the transatlatic slave trade were actually practicing the Mosaic law. I say this because If you go back to the descriptions of who those black Jews were and WHY they were despised, brutalized, tortured, and mudered (martyred) during the time of the Spanish inquisition and transatlantic slave trade, it was because of their refusal to practice the Roman Catholic version of the Messhiah's faith. If this is so, then it is wrong for us to claim that we were being punished by The Most High for not following the commandments, right? If I am wrong about this please share your evidence about this topic. I am really trying to understand the need for certain Hebrews to claim a curse of The Most High when even in the books written by the heathens they wanted to get rid of the black Jews because they still kept to themselves and did not intermingle with the textiles. They sited the law of Moshe as the reason as well. They also were rich and talented in all arts and sciences, as well, which further enrage the heathen people, as well.
    Anyways, I was just wondering why most Hebrew Israelites have quickly adopted the idea of being cursed as the reason and not because of Satanic persecution of the chosen people of the book. If you have any insight on this subject please do a video on that subject, okay? THE reason why I am so disturbed by the acceptance of most newly awakened Hebrew Israelites to the idea that the persecutions of our ancestors by those "European Christians" who were being guided by Satan to attack us even down to this day! I just have been strangely driven to clarify this point so as to reveal that It was the wicked designs within the hearts of bible trained "Christians" of that time, who were acquainted with all of the commandments of their very own "white Christ" who said, "Love the Most High YHVH with your whole heart, mind, soul, and spirit! And love your fellow human beings as your self" and yet still decided to torture, enslave, and kill off peoples in every corner of the world "IN JESUS' NAME! So, because of that fact I was moved to speak on this topic. I MEAN, WHY WOULD A TRUE CHRISTIAN ENSLAVE, BEAT, AND KILL OFF ANYONE IF THEY WERE TRULY OF GOD? IS THAT WHAT YOU SEE JESUS DOING IN THE SCRIPTURES BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE WHO WERE ENSLAVING OUR ANCESTORS WERE BAPTIZED CHRISTIAN WELL VERSED IN THE TOPICS OF "THE GOOD BOOK". SO, SHOULD THEY HAVE KNOWN BETTER THAN TO NOT ENSLAVE, MURDER, ROB, AND DESTROY OFF OTHER PEOPLE AS RESPONSIBLE CHRISTIANS ? ? ? BUT, WHAT WE DO KNOW IS THAT THESE CHRISTIAN "DEVILS" WERE SPEARHEADING THESE ENSLAVEMENT AND COLONIZATION EFFORTS AND WERE ALSO KILLING OF THOSE WHO RESISTED THEIR INTENTIONS AND PLACING THEIR CHILDREN INTO SLAVERY, AS WELL. So that was just my skew on the issue of this current plight of our nation as being the result of the curses . It is just a thought. Anyways, may The Most High bless and keep you! SHLVM!✊

  2. Can you direct me to any of your video's as a starting point for my family members who have just come into the truth but have not necessarily delved deep into the bible? So basically a beginners video…it would be appreciated thank you

  3. Shabbat shallom Zion
    Happy Sabbath to all my Hebrews Israelites families around the world.
    Glory be to the most High Yah.
    Thanks my brother for this video .
    Great lessons continues to teach truth
    I pray that the most High Yah continues to blessed and protect you and your family always
    We love you.

  4. good break down little direction for you, visit these verses from the word, they are in bantu language xhosian amogest others mene mene tekel upharsin? Mene Mene (i am that I am) and eli eli lama sabachthani which means this eli (this) eli (this) el lama (is for) sabachthani (sabbath keepers) dying word and testimony confirm dat israel (igal H3008) is the land of africa see this video for maps not my video blessed love keep truth and prove all tings

  5. If I look at what you are saying it's like images are being worshiped sometimes with pictures things that we do that we keep holding on to them over and over again it's become graving images but at the same time it's when you worship it you get what I'm saying πŸ€”I have to go over some of these old videos to understand what's going on as of today I actually deactivated my Facebook account because different things that we do sometimes can become graven if we keep on looking at them studying them it's not about pictures and stuff are things you are to study but sometimes you can worship something unknowingly
    as you keep it up and sometimes it's just a lesson to be learned with all levels of the game..


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