The Book of Jubilees presentS the history of the division of the days of the Law, of the events of the years, the year-weeks, and the jubilees of the world as revealed to Moses (in addition to the Torah or “Instruction”) by angels while he was on Mount Sinai for forty days and forty nights.
The chronology given in Jubilees is based on multiples of seven; the jubilees are periods of 49 years (seven “year-weeks”), into which all of time has been divided.

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  1. TCA, Christians always justify not keeping Shabbat based on Paul's teachings in Romans 14:5-6 KJV when I try to tell them that we're supposed to keep it. They say that they can choose whichever day they want to be Shabbat. But in Acts 24:14 KJV, Paul says he believes ALL things written in the law and in the prophets (books by the prophets): This is why is still pray for Wisdom of Yahawah's Holy Ruach HaKodesh for understanding. Paul's books REALLY seem to have been tampered with. It is from his books, that MOST CHRISTIAN PREACHERS teach to justify that Yahawashi came to save everyone, Yahawah loves everyone, and Yahawah forgives all sin, we only need to ask for it. These Christians and heathens get hostile when I used to share the Truth. So, I stopped sharing.

  2. TCA, I thank The Most High for your Wisdom. Especially concerning the three things for Adam in the Garden. I never even thought of it from that perspective. I have a vice, or thorn in my flesh, if you will, like most people. I do my very best to keep it under control, keeping my mind on The Word/Yahawashi and on spiritual things rather than carnal things. I have found that when I share it with someone, speak it out loud, temptation pops out of nowhere. The satans are listening, watching and listening.

  3. I have read both the books of Enoch and Jubilee and the both go hand in hand. It's only befitting if you accept one you should also accept the other. They both didn't sit right within my spirit.
    An interesting read, especially, with the years of ages. "Provoking thoughts" I've read somewhere – the a Roman soldier who conquered Africa named it after himself. What time period was that in contrast with when these manuscripts was written and found?

  4. The Greeks were Israel, the northern kingdom that was put out or dispersed long before Judah. They had to repent and return to the Most High. They were the lost sheep of Israel. They lived amongst the Gentiles and were considered to be Gentiles. The Messiah came only for the lost sheep of Israel! These were the people that Paul went to. Wake up Israel! Black Christians call themselves Gentiles because that’s what they were told!

  5. I need to do more studying in regards to the Sabbath but so far I understand that in Hosea 2:11 Yah says "So I will put an end to all her celebrations: her yearly festivals and her Sabbath." With Isareal's constant turning to Idol worship Yah said that Isareal's sacrifices had become a burden to Him because of their sins. Isaiah 1:13 "I can't stand your New Moons,Sabbaths and other feast days." so to put it this way ,Yah took back the gifts that He had given to His Bride. Hosea 6: 6 "I want faithful love more than I want animal sacrifices. vs 4 your faithfulness is like a morning mist it lasts only as long as the dew in the morning. ( so for those that say the Catholic church took the Sabbath away and changed it to Sunday,dont know that Yah had long ago taken it away long before that. The Catholic church just wanted it to be by their decree.That's why when Jesus came he healed on the Sabbath and not rest, that's why they crucified Him. ( Read also Isaiah 1: 13,14 )So some say we do good deeds on the Sabbath but we are to do good all the time. The Sabbaths were longer excepted by God. Some say that the Sabbath is forever but sometimes in the Bible that means a long time. When Yah says it's over its over. Jeremiah in chpt 50 speaks of the 2nd Exodus out of Babylon which fits the description of America (read Revelation 18). Jeremiah 50:3 The nation will make Babylon like an empty desert. Vs 4 "The Lord says at tbst time the people of Israel and Judah will be together they will cry out and ask for The Lord and will ask how do we get to Jerusalem? vs 5 they will come and join themselves to the Lord and will make a New Agreement that will last forever and never be forgotten,the Sabbath was a part ofthe OT. Law. In Yah's New agreement in The New Jerusalem we will then Worship on the Sabbath not Rest on the Sabbath, The 2nd Exodus To the New Jerusalem will usher in another and new Dispensation of time with a New Agreenent (I guess you could call it the Last Testament ), as we are now in the End of Time (Eons). And at the end of the New Testament There will be only two Kingdoms the New Jerusalem (Yah's Kingdom) and the Anti-Christ Satan's Kingdom. Thanks to TMH we have a choice where we will live, worship, and abide in TMHπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ it will be through our Faith and repentance when we fall short and belief in His son Yashua, In this current Dispensation the New Testamen there should have been only one church (the called out that was The establishment of The Church's of Christ which comprised the teacings of the Apostle's( Paul in particular) of Christ precepts and how we were to live. They went about teaching and establishing congreations. Romans 16:16 Salute one another with a holy kiss, The "Churches of Christ" salute you. It was within these congregations that the same teacings of Christ as were taught to the Apostles, were to be taught by those congregations of Believers were to be learned by everyone so they would all be one accord. ITt was The Roman Catholic church that started the persecution and killing of Chrisr followers.That was the birth of the numerous Divensions that today are the many Denominational Churches with different beliefs.

  6. Hebrews 4 v1 – 13 Sabbath is no longer a day of which we should observe or honor on this earth but it is Yeshua's rest that we should look forward to by obeying Him while we are on this earth and living a life free of sin in worship towards Him. Our sabbath is no longer a day but our Sabbath is Yeshua. When on dies and has been faithful to God thats their sabbath they rest from all the works. God didnt rest and continued working the following day but He rested , even now He is resting.


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