PART 2 -Community Living. What are other options? What’s Fair & What’s Not

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  1. Where is the application because I see the need for it now and in the future. Lol! Honestly I am afraid for the future. Food security is life. I enjoy fresh produce and would be sad it was no longer accessible. Banana trees, mangoes, avocado trees, berries, fresh strawberries…. sound like pure gold! I'd love to apply to be on the team.

  2. Yes Sister Deborah, we must grow our own food! My husband and I are in our seventies and we are growing our own groceries, Praise Yah!!!

  3. No, before you got the question out. Did that when I was younger, helping a co-worker who was about to be homeless. My heart went out to her. We opened our home up with no charge & my husband had warned me that you can't help everyone… Not a good idea. This lady started yelling at my 5 year old daughter for coming in her room, which was exactly my daughter's bedroom. She had to go… Immediately. People can flip on you. You'd think you know them & later find out they have other spirits.

  4. Please can someone share their light on this message in link below. This is a community of Saints, whereby if Saints can get into systems to protect other saints, would the compromise spoken of in this video link below, be displeasing to the Most High? Even if your intention is to protect other Saints. A friend is now torn

  5. Done it before it was not a good experience but down the road only Yah knows? It was a perfect opportunity to get it together but seldom happened till it was to late:( just depends on the situation.

  6. Knowing how to grow your food is one thing you have to also know how to preserve and store your food when the weather changes.

  7. I have seen already a all womens farm that was very prosperous. It was amazing the work and mind set of the gardens and the production of the gardens. Wow, but i know for sure women are awesome and have a get it done attitude. This farm was awesome. Shalom

  8. 🕎💪⚜️
    I pray Yah bless you guys, I appreciate you and love you. Thank you for doing what you do!
    All Praises! 😎

  9. All praises be to Yah, sister Deborah and brother Yahu that sounds like a wonderful endeavor, I know many will want to he a part of it. 😇💖

  10. Brotha Watchman And Sis Deborah! This Is A Wonderful Idea! However I Know There's A Lot Of People That Are Interested In This Project And I Am One Of Them, I Do Understand That You Can't Trust Everybody And I Have That Same Mindset, I Get It! Because I've Never Really Been The Trusting Type Anyway But What If We Have Questions? And If So Is There A Special Place On The Website That We Can Leave Our Questions And Then Address Them In A Video Because Its Seems Impossible To Do So On The Live Stream Because I Know You Can't Address Everyone's Questions On A Live Stream! My Concern Is We Set Up Our Homes How Do We Get Running Water Is There A Well To Draw From And Have An Electric Pump Put In? If No Power Use A Manual Hand Pump To Pump Water In Case No Electricity To Run The Pump! And As Far As Lights Do We Get The Light Company To Come Out And Put Up Light Poles For The Land, From What I Understand We Could Rent Our Own Light Poles When We Have Our Lights Turned On I Don't Know If The Light Company Still Does That Or Not, Its Been Years And Something's I Don't Remember. But I Figure We Should Know Things Like This So We Would Now How To Make Moves Or Which Way To Go With This. I Know Growing Food Is Very Important! But We Can't Put The Cart Before Horse Neither, Because We Haven't Made It That Far, Yet! We Have To Get Situated On The Property First! I Don't Mind Working On The Farm Because There's People Out Here Want A Piece Of The Pie, But Don't Want To Do Any Work, I Get It!!

  11. All praises to the most high Abba Yah HALLELUYAH in Yahushas name Amein Shalom brother Yahu and Deborah🦁🕎

  12. How can I get in touch with you, I want to join the team, I can’t afford a land where I am to grow anything and I’m worried about my family and the food shortage.

  13. Sis Deborah, as I was watching this video, I heard this in my Spirit that is releasing on you and Rabbi the Grace and wisdom that was on our ancestor Joseph in the Bible (Jacobi son) to store up food for the shortage and I hear also that you should hurry up and expand more because many people’s food sustenance shall depend on this and I even hear also that the government will contact you to assist in the supply of food. I hope I’m hearing this right and that the message bless and inspire you to do more for such a time like this even as I hear in my spirit to share with you

  14. Wow! Now I know Yah has been speaking to me. This is what I’ve been doing on my 1.50 acres. Growing food and wanting to get a food truck to help give it away. I’m from Detroit and we use to trade vegetables in my east side neighborhood. That is how we survived plus Eastern Market would give my Dad free vegetables because there was 13 of us. Praise Yah! I wish you were near me. May Yah bless y’all in all your endeavors.

  15. Speaking about racist areas in Michigan Detroit Michigan St Jean and Mack back in the 50’s use to be part of Grosse Point. I was bused to school. The boundary was moved back to Alter Rd when blacks moved in there. Schools were very racist. I’m a dark woman so you might know how it was for me but Yah brought me through. Yes Michigan was and maybe still one of those places.

  16. Yes I wouldn’t want to live with you but would love to stay by you … and other like minded ppl … we stay in Pa in a Predominately white neighborhood and we are the only so called black family here … but I understand you can’t just let anyone stay with you having children or not … but we are looking to move soon if it’s Yahuah’s will for us …

  17. I wouldn’t even want my own family living with me let alone a stranger I’ve been angry and very frustrated lately and need a prayer. Shabbat shalom

  18. I would love to be apart of your community, I have never grown my own food but I’m willing to learn and give all that I can to make it work and be apart of your team.

  19. To answer your question, I live alone and it’s been like that for several years and no, I do not allow random people to come stay with me and better yet I only have a one bedroom apartment.

  20. NO I would not let a stranger move into my home, definitely Not ❗ However I would love to move closer to your family and friends for community sake 💜🖤💜

  21. Taking care of one’s own land, lawn, heat, etc is standard at any home💥 Let no one think otherwise!! Working quietly with one’s own hands is scriptural💥

  22. Me and my wife lived on someone Land we didn't know them in Florida it was terrible experience no i wouldn't want no one live with me and my family it dangerous I would have to really filter that person see what fruit they have it take to no people even if they are in the truth

  23. YAH Bless Ya'll! The masses will be coming to remove you from your farm, once the starving hoards realize what you have. They will be primal & merciless. Pray you are organized and well armed for those in the enemy's camp will be. Matt 24 tell it all.


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