Welcome to Thoughts Camera Action PART ONE: BOOK OF ESDRAS BIBLE STUDY


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  1. Todah for the lesson Ach especially since this is how we fellowship as a family on the shabbat so this was right on time SHABBAT SHALOM fam from Ghana 🕎 &
    🤣🎶🎵🎶🎵You sound great 🕎 Shalom!

  2. All glory to the most high Yah…I thank the most High Yah for using you..for confirmation of the reading of the word when I did read the book of 1Edras bless..

  3. Great bible study @TCA I always enjoy listening and watching the contents you show in your live stream my bredren! Most informative and to all the subscribers in the Chat we get along so well like family! APTTMH YAH!!!

    Shalawam King! 👑✊🏽

  4. It is true brother that Ruth was a Moabite ! But Ruth was a Shemite ! Moab was the son of Lot who was Abraham's Nephew ! True she wasn't of the 12 Tribes ! Now Rahab (A Canaanite) is a different story ! I believe that Rahab was a Representation of the Heathen being Grafted in ! This was a good study !

  5. Enjoying your content been following you for a long time. APTTMH for allowing you to present all the information, while helping others to understand and find out all what is known/unknown. Also love both the songs at the end.

  6. People in general always attempting to circumvent The Most High's law. The law states "we should not give our daughters to away to strange men and you should not take their women for wives" to me this is black and white (no pun intended) and every time examples such as Ruth is brought up or any other bible references that's justifies having foreign partners is brought raised. Please take note that the men in Ezra had two options, one send away your strange wives and the children they had with them or the other be cut off from Yah forever. Notice the women were not given any option. It is Yah who decides who will be granted mercy and not we for ourselves. Please don’t gamble. Worst case scenario your partners will be accepted. Worst case scenario you will be like the men in Eza who chose to keep your wife and children and be cut off. I don’t envy any of those choices…to choose the love of Yah or love of your women and children? Just like any court of law the judge decides who will be granted clemency or the full weight of the law will be exercised if not more. If you can prove otherwise, Yah doesn’t care about the court of public opinion.


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