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  1. The Canaanites were living in a land that was giving to Shem and his children for an inheritance. Canaan didn't like the land his father Ham gave to him for an inheritance. So he took land that was given to Shem and made it his own. His father Ham told him not to take the land because it would start a war against him and his brethren, but Cannan made him a city there anyway. So the Israelites were just taking back a land that was giving to their father Shem from his father Noah.

  2. Daniel was actually David's son in exile. And Azarias was Jeremiah. Joshua was also a son of Jehozadok.
    We need to work our biblical family tree. Between the book of Kings to Daniel…we need to understand what happens in between.

  3. The narrative of Arserath being the Amerika isn't supposed by other scriptures. Not by Zephaniah 3:10 nor Isaiah 11:11 and 12. There are a number of other scriptures one could cite but these address it directly

  4. This is value added teaching to our faith, strength to our spiritual lives and our salvation. Glory be to TMH for your life Brother TCA. May the Most High Elohiym continue to bless and anoint you and your family at such a time as this, the Last Days.


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