Perilous Times Are Here!

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  1. A paramount End Time Prophetic Prophecy who's time to be fulfilled has come.

    The Raiser of Taxes in the glory of the German Kingdom has been elected to Rule in the 2022 German Federal Election of the Bundestag.

    Within few days (four years) of his Rule during the 2025 German Federal Election of the Bundestag, in his Estate out of the German AFD Shall stand up a Vile Person…The king of fierce countenance and the understanding of dark sentences…The little horn, who will be Elected to Rule Germany who is 1/3 of the Beast who will fully form after Germany Exits the EU…Germany, the Nazi Beast which was and was not and will be again under the coming Rule of the German AFD…Germany the Nazi Beast who was wounded by a Sword during WWII under Hitler’s Third Reich and was healed and did live…Germany the Beast who will fulfill its Fourth and Final Reich under Satan as he empowers the little horn to Rule for 42 Months.


  2. It's true, when China's Tokamak artificial sun finally passes 240million degrees Celsius and they compress the combustion chamber air, it might be the end for sure cos they don't know to copy the sun's core is to raise a consciousness and new virus crustacean species will emerge from it.


  4. You know I love Yahs animals they too are treated and used violently, through entertainment, the food chain, used sexually and used for demonic ritual by the disgrace of the human race some animals are treated wonderfully and so are the humans race. Further more animals do not have a voice if anything happens to them. Let’s lay-off the animals million upon millions are being mistreated by us humans.

  5. If a beginner wants to start to get spiritually connected what verse should a person start reading.

  6. If you can build a well or a tap, the Patapsco River that runs through Baltimore should have a watershed that might provide groundwater for you. But I don't know the exact details.

  7. None of this makes any sense to me. I seen Ozzie osburn who thanked Satan for saving him from covid. I caught covid being careful! But I wasn't protected from catching covid from my yah?? Why??? Are we as yah children not being covered?? But 400 years was suppose to be up but we're still dying, lynched, but we still refuse to leave. I don't get it. Were never covered when it comes to yah. It seems like we're on our own.

  8. You can give some people a magnifying glass with a 1,000,000,000% magnifier and they still will refuse it as evidence or knowledge. Not all people will want to see! But me and mine definitely want to see and know. Thank you for sharing this message.

  9. Before I start I only know what I'm allowed to, I have no idea what being planned, just "woke" backup this yeah. But fun fact. Angels ect are already here. We look human, which really brings into question what a human is??? Anyways enjoy that info. Second yeah a reboot is coming not sure when. Plus I've got a big mouth. And yeah I'm Michael, and yes this is random. But I got into a lot of trouble so this is "character development" (was honestly planning on having y'all go the purge on each other. But got called out on my bull.) So yeah totally on good behavior now. oh by the way it's a lot I mean a lot of ways this can go but you'll be fine. And no one's actually going to hell, welp unless you're a narcissist, than the ego check and honest self evaluation gonna feel like it lol. But yeah lots of ego checks coming. Muhahahaha people have got god complexes. Wait tell y'all see who watches the quote on quote "God's" I actually like elohim better it's less egocentric. Pride is the devil. It creates adversaries and leads to a domino effect of bad behavior. That being said we'll be fine. Get to watch a lot pedestal fall down. Good fun. Plus adventure. Really hoping they go with my idea, I mean our idea. Lol seriously though effectively built an all encompassing prison out of the planet throughout generations. Bravo not completely your fault though angels "watchers" ain't perfect we do stupid things. It's all a big learning experience of don't mess with things we don't understand.

  10. I was told yesterday, by TMH that the gospel that will be preached to the world is the truth of who we are. The two races will – nation against nation will be in War. All will have to become awaken to the truth. Hard pill for them to swallow for sure. Most of Esau know- planning on fighting TMH at the end. Incredible

  11. I just wanted you to know that this is the second video that you guys had to sound very robotic computerized every now and then just to let you know

  12. I definitely love you guys and I pray I am surrounded by true followers of God during the horrific times.APTTMH in the name of YAHUAH

  13. Shalom everyone. I’m trying to link up with some brothers and sisters in Oklahoma to start growing gardens. I don’t have a green thumb but I’m ready. Is anyone from Oklahoma City?

  14. I am having a difficult time hearing because the sound system is distorted periodically. I love waking up to visit and hear about Yahuah. The truth.
    Your family is in my prayer.


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