Pixel Gun 3D – Nanobots Rifle VS. Smart Bullet Bazooka! (12.5.3 Update)

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Screen Recorder: AirShou
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  1. Nanobots rifle is better is doing alot of damage alot more than the Smart bullet bazooka it takes two shots to the nanobots rifle to kil a player (i maked a test whit my Little noob brother he was Having Smart bullet bazooka i was having nanobots rifle) and Yeah my vote its FOR nanobots rifle

  2. Nano bot rifle and Smart bullet bazooka are Both NOOB weapons because they require no Skill since the homing effect of the guns can just make the user spam the amount of their bullets so….. yeah…….People who use these guns SUCK as heck…. 🙂 stay calm

  3. I Have The Nanobots Rifle. I Got To Equip It For 2 Rounds Then The 2 Rounds Passed Then It Said "Rent The Nanobot Rifle For 1 Round" It Costed 310 Coins So I Rented It Then The Round Passed Then It Glitched And I Got To Keep It. 😀


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