Allegedly, folks unable to divorce chicken (unclean bird) have now decided to divorce TMH. Others have expressed that the reproductive organs of clean animals are acceptable to eat and therefore should not be wasted but consumed.

Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. APTTMHY🙌🏾 Thank you for taking the time to teach! I stopped eating meat many years ago except chicken. Didn't know about chicken until very recently. I never liked eggs. So thank you! We pray for TMH'S knowledge, but some get upset when He tries to deliver us with truth. I appreciate you; keep teaching! Love the locks Bro! Happy Sabbath! Shalom!❤

  2. Please don’t make me throw up this early in the day!! REALLY!!! Cow Vjay?!?! That alone sounds like pig intestines in my ear. If I don’t eat pig intestines because of it name ALONE, eating any animal genitals is out the question.

    If I’m not mistaking the dietary laws explain what parts to eat and how to prepare them. I have tried to read it but get so lost in the sauce that I need a chart or something/someone to simplify it for me.

    I thought salmon was good but then I learned from the video it’s not. If YAH let’s me into HIS KINGDOM, I’m going to be the first one in class learning how to do things from eating to conducting myself accordingly on feast days. I’m going to be the oldest kindergarten student in class.


  3. Wow…some people some people! There should be some morals and some convictions! We have to learn to obey The Most High! We have to do better! I appreciate the time you and family sacrifice to share this knowledge!

  4. Brother T.C.A…these are the same "stiff neck" ones 3 – 4 generations into this current time that wil always put their belly before a "Word" that can and will nourish their very existence..not just their belly..their spirit & soul too..keep doing what you doing Bro..reason I never like "Souce"."..dont know if right spelling ..y'know the pig foot water with onion veg & that…

  5. Our People badly need this true and clear info…is why their 3rd eye..calcified..the egg ting is exactly what been saying past few years I struggled too but thats over ..nothin but sperm.

  6. Shabbat Shalom family! When I looked into the dietary law and saw what ThoughtsCameraAction presented was true it made me really see the dietary law as a must. I stopped eating pork at the age of 12. I stopped eating beef at 23 but I look back and see how blessed I was the Most High was dealing with me from day one. I try not to debate with are hard headed, hard hearted people, it's just a waist of time in most cases. I even still ended up having found myself in a odd biblical dietary law debate which the Bible won the debate not me, but a Christian doesn't really understand scripture they just look at the scriptures like a good pon that was taught by a pimping pastor that went to the typical seminary school that is in actuality run and facilitated by the Unholy Roman Catholic Church.

  7. The human body can't even digest beef correctly because the colon wasn't made to digest it. The human beings are naturally vegetarian [long intestines square teeth and digesting blood will make you sick and eventually kill you via cancer.

  8. God bless you're 100% correct on what not to eat. Before I eat chicken, but since I heard that chicken is not good for our consumption and I also found it in the Bible. I now have decided that I and my family will never consume it and any other dirty or forbidden food.

  9. TCA, I continue to applaud you to spitting truth of the Most High. Intense research. You have nothing to justify or explain. In this life we will have people who are shallow, baseless and find justification for everything. The road to enlightenment belongs to the few. Why? Not many people are willing to let go of their hangups, ways and personal beliefs. All we can do is leave them to themselves and their own conscience. Chicken are currently being engineered and hybrid…printed and created in test tubes. Now is that clean?How many people would eat it regardless of how it is created? The sad truth is that many will eat anything as long as it is called food irregardless of how and where it is made. The fact is people are people and will go to lengths to defend, justify and even kill you or ostracised you for them food. Many food we are crying over are low frequency foods and will not elevate our minds, spirit and souls and funny enough people are not even aware of the importance of food and the type food we are eating. We become what we eat. We take on the personalities of what we eat. Just like food affects our mentality, emotions and spirit. People allow food to become their gods and live for their bellies. The science of food is mind boggling.

  10. TCA all you can do is present the info TMH gives you. What these people do and what they end up worshipping is between them n who they claim to serve. I remember 3or 4 yrs ago this was brought to my attention about chicken being unclean. I stopped and started buying Qual n the quail eggs. There is a reason why it sells super high. Anyways I stopped then I started to tell myself no chicken can't be bad the things I read the person who presented the argument must be wrong. Me serving my own belly ya see. So then I come across your video n I just looked sat n thought OK Most High is speaking to me again. I took all my chicken in my house n said no more we too far into the end gave to play around. The way is narrow n few will find it indeed. We have to be right with The Father. Thank You.

  11. Much respect bro. Is it true that chicken is unclean? I promise I’m trying to learn not to disagree. Please let me know what book and verse. And if it’s true, I’ll stop immediately. We don’t have time to be disobedient while the seals are being broken.


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