PM Modi meets his UK counterpart PM Boris Johnson; Ukraine war, Indo-pacific likely to be discussed

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday met his British counterpart Boris Johnson. Both leaders held talks aimed at further expanding co-operation in areas of defence, trade and clean energy.

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Comment (32)

  1. Azov Ukrainian must fee the civilians in Azovstall metal plant
    The use of human shields is prohibited and defined as a war crime by several U.S. military manuals. It is also defined as a crime triable by military commission under the US Military Commissions Act (2006).

    Why is the media not asking the Ukraine to immediately free the civilians? Because they are RUSSIAN-Ukrainians the very same people no one cared about for 8 years of Ukraine and Azov brutality?

    Stop the hypocrisy.

  2. Modi ji is a tough negotiator.. He thinks only India First.. He always promote Make in India and start up India.. 👏👏

  3. पकड़ी पूंछ ,गोरे ने लॉलीपॉप पीछे से दिया
    गोरा सेमझ नही ,स्लेव बनेगा भारत

  4. Shit to the war monger colonizers. Boris lied during pandemic lockdown ,he was partying with his gang. And now he will tell lies again. Don't believe to the lowlife snake.

  5. India is penny wise and pound foolish, they India think of victory and the real world laugh at this poor worldly nation, like beggars with new shoes and no pants they stand pround

  6. Why they don't allow impede refugees because they newcomers will remove boris and palky and take their place because newcomers ate wiser.

  7. Narendra hold this boris for a longer time so that refugees could enter England and begin to live happily. Then send this boris to Rwanda and Uganda refugee camp

  8. Boris visiting Gujarat! Of the 1.6 million Indian diaspora in the UK, 975,000 are Gujaratis whose contribution to the UK GDP is a massive 6% compared to average contribution per person of 2%

  9. The Indian people chose to hate their neighbor China, now they will pay a terrible price with golden promises and some success. If India would have humbled themselves and become a better neighbor to China they would have become the most powerful Nation block on Earth! Now India has turned to a loser Nation! All because of the price of gold!

  10. I always knew there was something wrong with India, but now I know they will dance with a tin cup for any coins you offer!

  11. It is truly sad that India could not become a better friend to China! China will always be the golden Nation for the next 100 years to come!

  12. China is respectful and not what India has painted China to be, it's a sad day that India sells out to the West rather than to the east! India has turned their face against the Sun rising! Now India will have to live in the dark with a golden cup!

  13. Russia has sacrificed and China has excelled and India has refused both for a nation who has done nothing but keep them in poverty through a broken up government. Sad day for India!

  14. Not only your temples will be destroyed but your whole nation financial system and political system will be broken up and shared with the dogs!

  15. Does India know what the British have done to people around the world when they were colonizing? Are Indian people educated in the colonists of England? There's no way that they know the truth about England.

  16. Though I personally welcome a citizen of Britain to my country.
    I want to tell that the mindset of USA, Britishers and some Europeans are same, As Asians we cannot trust them. We Indians have already experienced the divide and rule policy of Britishers. Britishers were and are selfish.

  17. India is crying to become the slaves and servants of Britain again! Just like a spoiled child and a confused child.

  18. The most wonderful news for the entire world is not India today, it is China and China is the golden example of pure hard work dedication commitment and the most wonderful example of what a successful Nation looks like. Look at Britain and tell me what you see! When you look at Britain do you see a China?! When you look at Britain do you see the beautiful marvelous success of China!?

  19. As a British person I'd like to thank India for being a great friend and ally. I'd also like to say your food is amazing.😁


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