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  1. Thanks for this info. I did research on cereals and oats which reported many having cancer causing chemicals!šŸ˜£šŸ˜“ damn sad!

  2. Anything these fricks touch becomes poisonous. By this time if we have been doing our job we shouldn't be eating processed foods including orange juice. Not much alternative sadly. If a fruit doesn't have seeds, it's worthless. Seeded oranges are impossible to find. So I eat apples including the seeds. Same is true for grapes, water melons etc.

  3. Wow, I am not surprised. It makes me think back when I was an undergraduate student of University of Florida. I was at a food seminar on campus, where they had a guest researcher making a convincing argument that GMO foods are more nutritious and are safe for us to eat. The students and unfortunately myself was convinced at the time. It just shows that a title or degree level behind a person's name does not automatically make them credible.

  4. Minute maid its actually made here in south Africa, the farm is owned by some white guy from Britain.. i know this coz is just a mile away from my house..

  5. Tudah ACH for Sharing !!?? APTTMHY !!!ā£ļøšŸ•Žā£ļøšŸ•Žā£ļø Very Informative !!!!!!!šŸ’ÆšŸ’ÆšŸ’ÆšŸ’Æ

  6. As I get older I am becoming more health conscious, I actually would love to start a garden once I purchase my own home.

  7. Shabbat Shalum Michpaca šŸ•Ž ā™„ļøā£ļøšŸ•Žā£ļøšŸ•Žā£ļø!!!!

  8. And this is one of the reasons i dont drink most of their stuff aside from distilled water or kombucha tea brewed from pirified water…

  9. People like you man of GOD who are trying to teach us how to take care of ourselves in these last days you're gonna be like the great prophets in The Bible were in GOD is going to tell you one day to close your wisdom your information from the world meaning if we don't watch how we're treating you and others that are trying to help us you soon will not be found AMEN . so all of us need to stop mistreating you and others because GOD has chosen you to be the mouthpiece for HIM to help us and shows us that HE really loves us in these last days and HE loves you too . YAH is not going to have you stress either ,after while he's going to say you know enough is enough and then we're going to be stuck out in left field, so people we really need to watch how we treat GOD men and GOD women that prophesies to us and try to help us thank you Minister of food AMAN šŸ•ŠšŸŒž

  10. purified water is no better. you need distilled water which is like the dew that rises back up to clouds

  11. These halfbred fallen angel nephilum are killing everyone everywhere.

  12. Feed your mitochondria ppl, not your stomach. 5g is coming it will destroy your mitochondria.


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